December 18, 2010

DIY Tomato Cage and Garland Topiary Christmas Trees

diy tomato cage Christmas topiaries
I don't actually have a legitimate tutorial for these trees because I made them a 
couple of years ago but they are super simple to create.

wire tomato cage into Christmas tree
Grab a wire tomato cage, you may even have one if you garden...

tomato cage Christmas topiary tree
Turn tomato cage upside down and wrap with wired garland,
securing with green zip ties or wire as you go to keep it in place.

tomato cage Christmas topiary trees
I already had these big iron planters at my front door so 
I set my trees in them. They had a lip around the inside edge
and the trees actually fit securely.

tomato cage christmas tree topiary
I was going for a simple lighted tree shape but you could 
also add ornaments, pine cones, floral picks or ribbon.

Christmas porch with tomato cage topiary trees
I've gotten some emails about my door color.
It is Glidden exterior paint from Home Depot.
The color is "City Bistro" 10YR08/187

sparkly Christmas wreath with peace sign
To finish off my porch, I added a sparkly wreath with a "Peace" sign.
Not to be confused with my actual Peace Wreath.

diy christmas topiary from tomato cage
Merry Christmas!

UPDATE Christmas 2016!...

topiaries from tomato cage
I wrote this original post in 2010 but had actually created the trees 
a couple of years before that. Here we are in 2016
and I still use my topiary trees!

topiary from tomato cage
I have them set in a pair of urns I have and they just happen to fit
perfectly without any additional support.
 It is the same urn I use for my Fall pumpkin topiary.

DIY Christmas tree in urn planter
 I dressed them up this year with pinecones, berries and red mesh garland.

Christmas topiary from tomato cage
They look great day or night 

DIY Christmas tree topiary
Thanks for visiting and reading about my tomato cage topiaries,
wishing you a joyous holiday season!

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Christmas Decor in My Home and Hand Painted Zebra, Rubik's Cube and Diamond Pattern Christmas Stockings

My Home at Christmas and hand painted stockings
and how I decorated it, so I thought I'd show you the rest of my
Christmas decorations.

vintage ornaments in glass jars on mantel
Even though I stuff ornaments into every empty space on my tree, 
I still have quite a few ornaments left.
This year I put them in big glass jars on the mantel so I can still enjoy them.

glass jar with vintage ornaments
Most of my vintage ornaments are from thrift shops and yard sales 
and some are from my childhood. 
I hung a glittered "believe" sign from this jar.

colorful Christmas mantel
I used glittery mesh fabric along with decorative
 silver balls and big silver candlesticks .

vintage glass ornaments
Just look at all that vintage-y goodness ;)

gold paper mache deer decoration
My little paper mache deer rescued from a store dumpster with his garland collar ...

Christmas decor in my home
You really can't tell but on this 70 degree day in Florida, 
I even lit and by "lit" I mean I flipped a switch to turn it on
the fireplace for this pic.

large hand made clock
The huge clock? I made it. 
I used to make and sell 3-4 foot clocks.

Christmas decor Lucy Designs
I don't really go overboard with Christmas decorations but I 
did add a few touches to this side of the room.

feather boa Christmas wreath
This is hanging above my hand painted dresser in the living room. 
 I wrapped a styrofoam wreath form with a feather boa in this apple green color that I love, 
added an animal print ribbon to hang it and another word sign ~ "Joy"

hand painted diamond pattern, zebra and Rubik's cube Christmas stockings
Our stockings are hung... 
I made hand painted canvas stockings for me and my boys.

Rubik's cube hand painted Christmas stocking
This Rubik's cube design is my oldest son Trevor's stocking.
He's one of those people that can solve a Rubik's cube in seconds.

hand painted Rubik's cube stocking
 I didn't draw it out first, just dove right in.  
The trick here is using a paint brush that is the same size that you want your squares. 

hand painted Christmas stocking cuff
  I used a fabric paint in a bottle to make the squiggly's on the stocking cuffs.

hand painted zebra print black and white Christmas stocking
This is Max's, my youngest, black and white zebra stocking,
 'cause he's all rock and roll like that

hand painted leopard print and harlequin stocking
Ahhhh then mine...animal print and diamond pattern in my favorite green.

hand painted animal print leopard Christmas stocking

colorful Christmas decor in my home
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Merry Christmas!

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December 17, 2010

Colorful Decorated Christmas Tree in a Planter Pot with Vintage Ornaments

eclectic colorful decorated christmas tree
Now that I have my Christmas Tree in a Planter Pot it was time to decorate.  
And by decorate, I mean hang ornaments on every square inch of my tree.

I have so many ornaments that I love to see every year and can never 
just choose some of them...the others would feel left out ;)

vintage glass yellow banana ornament
From a vintage glass banana...

vintage glass santa claus ornament
and vintage glass Santa's...

vintage mercury glass pine cone Christmas ornament
to mercury glass pine cones...

vintage glass jester ornament
and vintage harlequin jester glass ornaments...

vintage chinese lantern ornaments
Tiny Chinese Lanterns...

glass killer whale ornament
and giant glass killer whales, I love them all!

vintage pink felt cat ornament with sequins
I adore this pink kitty felt ornament...

vintage peacock sequin ornament
and these vintage sequin balls...

children's puzzle piece ornament
And precious ornaments my children have made.

dog photo ornament
I love this photo of my beloved Labrador Shelby that we lost last year,
and I have so many cool vintage ornaments...

vintage glass Christmas ball ornament with santa

vintage drum felt ornament

vintage clock Christmas ornament

vintage glass bird ornament
funky vintage birds...

vintage pink snowman glass ornament
a pink snowman...

vintage red glittered Christmas ornament birds
funny little vintage glittered red birds...

vintage glass star ornament
and a blue star ornament.

large white dove Christmas tree topper
I top it off with a huge white flying dove.

colorful Christmas tree with vintage ornaments
Now I'm ready for Christmas!

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