September 29, 2010

Mosaics! Mosaic Name Sign, Mosaic Surfboard, Mosaic Waves and Hand Painted Mosaic Benches

ceramic tile mosaic sign with waves
These are a few decorative pieces I made for a surf shop.
For this sign, I cut the base out of plywood, it's about 6ft. long

ceramic tile mosaic circle wall art
 These pieces are pre cut wooden circles that I had picked up a while back
I decided to mosaic them with broken blue ceramic tiles and mirror pieces 
for decorative accents on the walls
stained glass mosaic surfboard art
I made this mosaic surfboard by cutting the base out of plywood
and using hand cut stained glass for the mosaic

surfboard art
The edges are tiled's about 5ft tall
mosaic waves surf art
These are mosaic waves also cut from wood and I used the same tile that is on the sign. 
These are in the window so this is not the best picture...
hand painted bench with glass gem mosaic accents
A pic of one of the dressing rooms.
They were basically an empty box when I started...
pretty colorful now!

hand painted whimsical funky bench
 I built these benches to fit the back walls out of plywood.
I painted with funky patterns and applied a mosaic on the front using glass beads

hand painted harlequin bench
Top view

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DIY Life Size Mannequins. Fun and Funky Hand Made Wooden Retail Mannequins

funky hand painted mannequins
  These are a pair of fun and funky art mannequins I made for a surf shop.

I cut the bodies out of plywood and gave them crazy, fun painted designs

hand painted mannequins for retail display
A back view.

diy lifesize wood mannequins
I built the bases out of plywood, added texture with joint compound in 
a swirly water pattern and painted.  
I attached a galvanized metal rod to the back of each mannequins.
To attach the mannequins to the bases, I screwed metal flanges on top of the bases then
simply screwed the metal rod into the flange and they were super secure.

whimsical mannequin
 For the dimensional faces, I shaped crumpled aluminum foil into shapes for the
cheeks, eyes, nose, lips and eyebrows and hot glued them in place.

I applied a thick layer of joint compound over the foil shapes as smoothly as possible and let dry.
I kept building up layers like this until I got the look I wanted and sanded smooth with sandpaper.

For the hair, I drilled holes in the tops of the heads and attached colored wire through the holes

hand painted funky mannequin

hand painted colorful mosaic mannequin

hand made funky colorful mannequin

I like how they turned out...
definitely one of a kind!

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September 27, 2010

Hand Painted Glass Bottles with Sun, Flowers, Sea Shells, Faces, Coral and Octopus Designs with Hand Made Bottle Stoppers

hand painted glass bottle in blue with sunshine and beaded funky stopper
These are a few Hand Painted glass bottles I've made in the past.
I use the kind of paint that you cure in the oven.

This was a large blue bottle that I couldn't bear to throw away and
I painted with a big yellow sun.
I added fun glass beads and curled wire to a metal stopper for the top

hand painted shell bottles with beaded shell stoppers

Painted seashells with shell stoppers on these two bottles

hand painted glass bottle with flower and beaded stopper

This clear glass bottle has a big flower with leaves and dots.
I added curled green wire and glass leaves as accents at the stopper

hand painted "face" glass bottle with faucet stopper
A large blue bottle with a face and a vintage faucet knob I made into a bottle stopper
hand painted glass bottle with octopus

hand painted glass bottles with diy stoppers
Swirly blue design

hand painted glass bottle with beaded stopper
Super Large bottle with a blue crab and seaweed

hand painted glass sun bottle with beaded stopper
And lastly, another big bottle that was already white with a giant sun

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September 25, 2010

Hand Painted Whimsical Wooden Cake Plates Made from Candlesticks, Wooden Lamps and Wood Pieces

wooden hand painted cake plate
These are all fun hand painted cake stands or serving trays
for cupcakes, pies, petit fours, etc.

I made them using various wooden pieces and parts
then painted in bright, colorful patterns.

pineapple serving stand
 This one started with two thrift store wooden pineapple candle holders,
the bottom is an inverted wooden bowl.

I cut the middle plate from plywood and used a ceramic knob on the inside
of the pineapple on top to cover the hole where the candle would go.

diy hand painted cake plate
The base of this one is a wooden lamp and I cut the wavy top
out of plywood then painted.

diy wood lamp base serving stand
The curvy base had lots of areas to add fun paint designs. 

harlequin blue cake stand cake server
Another wavy top I cut from plywood and painted in 
a whimsical harlequin pattern.

hand painted wooden candlestick base on cake plate
The base is one of a pair of wooden candlesticks...

hand painted candlestick base
I used the other candlestick on this lemon server...

hand painted lemon and leaves cake plate
Another wavy top painted in a blue lemon pattern.

hand painted wooden bowls
This started as a plain wooden bowl that you always see at thrift stores. 
I primed and painted in a fun orange zinnia pattern...

hand painted black and white zinnia bowl
I added a smaller, inverted wooden bowl for a "base".

hand painted flower bowl
And lastly, another wooden bowl thrift find that had a lid and
looked like a flower so that's how I painted it.

hand painted wooden flower bowl
I painted the inside in a pretty blue with polka dots :)

These were so fun to create and put together.
Thanks for stopping by to see them!

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DIY Palm Tree, Hand Painted Palm Tree Decor with Paper Leaves Made From a Wooden Interior Column

DIY palm tree with paper leaves
This palm tree is a funky piece of art I was commissioned to make for a surf shop.

For the trunk, I used a wooden column and I built the base from plywood, adding
casters to make it easy to move around.
I applied a mosaic on the base using red penny tiles.

diy paper palm tree leaves and berries
The leaves were handmade using commercial fryer filters,
which are basically big, thick, textured sheets of paper.

For the leaf stems, I started with long wired, stemmed foliage from a craft store, ripped off the flowers/leaves that were on them and used that stem for the palm leaves.

I cut a leaf shape from the paper filters and glued two leaves together with a stem in between.
I left plenty of stem exposed at the end so I could stick them into the tree.

funky blue palm tree fronds
I gave the leaves a funky blue and green paint finish and also created
 palm tree berries (they have berries right?) from a Christmas ornament
spray and painted them red to give a little pop of color.

I painted the column and added some swirls and attached the leaves
by drilling holes at the top of the column to attach the stems.

diy blue palm tree
If you look closely, you can see a fence post finial I used at the top of the column
to finish it off.

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Hand Painted Dog Bed Pet Bed made from a Repurposed Suitcase

suitcase pet bed
Pet bed made from repurposed suitcase.

I started with a plain brown soft sided suitcase I found at a thrift store.
I ended up cutting the top of it off and just used the bottom of it.

I primed it with spray primer and used black spray paint for the base coat,
then painted with lots of dots, stripes and added polka dot feet to the bottom

dog bed from a suitcase
This is a pretty large suitcase so it could work for kitties or small dogs

hand painted suitcase dog bed
The floral part of the bedding was actually a ladies skirt that I cut up
and used to cover foam for the bottom of the bed.
I used more foam for the sides and covered them with zebra fabric.

I ended up hot gluing decorative gimp around the top to finish it off.

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DIY Headboard Made From RePurposed Wooden Garage Door Panels

headboard from recycled doors garage doors
This is a headboard piece I made from wooden garage doors I found at a thrift store.
I had to cut them down for the height to fit in my house...
you don't realize how big a garage door is until you see it unassembled!

I hinged three of them together for the headboard.
I made a room divider with the rest of the panels, but that has been sold and unfortunately,
I don't have a picture but it was pretty cool.

recycled headboard
They were already the off white color,
So I dry brushed them a little with some tan paint and added the wooden decorative plaques.

Thanks for checking out this quick makeover

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Roadside Find, Wooden Hutch and Shelves with Picture Frame Molding, Fence Post Finial and Cabinet Door Accents

furniture makeover
This is my kitchen hutch that started as a road side find...
well, part of it.

furniture makeover
This middle part is the "found" part.
It is all wood and it had glass doors and shelves. 

I removed the glass doors since 2 small boys and glass doors
wasn't going to work in my home.

cabinet doors on furniture
On that same roadside, there were also brand new cabinet door fronts
 still in the wrappers, and I grabbed them too. 
They ended up being an exact fit to apply to the sides for some added dimension.

picture molding scraps
 A while back, I bought a large supply of picture frame molding 
from a frame shop that was closing and I've used it for so many projects,
 this one included.

It's all mismatched, but I personally love that look.

I used Home Depot fence post finials for the feet.

Click on the "things to make with molding" heading to see all the ways I've used
 my picture frame molding

picture molding drawer handles
I cut some of the molding down to use as the door handles...

decorative molding as drawer pulls
And used more to make the drawer pulls. 

use picture frame molding on furniture
I built the two side pieces to match, they are separate from the main hutch. 
I built them specifically to my dimensions for the wall in my kitchen. 

 I bought baskets for storage and it is the perfect spot for school supplies for my boys. 

repurposed hutch cabinet
I used more molding to face out the edges of the shelves too.

 I primed, painted and applied a dry brushed distressed finish on the
entire piece and painted the inside of the hutch in a bright apple green.

kitchen hutch makeover
Thanks for checking out my roadside makeover!

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