September 23, 2010

Hand Painted Funky, Whimsical Dresser with Large Studded Sides and Stripes, Diamonds and Swirls

whimsical hand painted black and white check dresser with studs
This is a dresser I painted with a fun, funky design.

before and after hand painted dresser
This is how it started.  My neighbors were moving and gave it to me.
The doors had a plastic "carved wood" panel on them but I had to rip that
off before I could even think about what I wanted to do,
so this pic is after I took the panels off.

hand painted diamond design
I painted the top in a yellow gold and cream diamond design.

funky hand painted dresser makeover
I've seen furniture with over sized "studs" on it and was recently
given brass knobs that someone was throwing away so...
I decided they would be perfect for my 'studs'.

I drilled holes in the side of the dresser to match the size of the knob post
and pounded them in with a rubber mallet, it was a tight fit so I didn't glue them in.
I added colorful mismatched glass knobs to complete the whimsy!

Thanks for taking a look at my painted dresser

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  1. WOW!! That is super cute! I am a furniture makeover junkie myself, but I am 'creative' not 'artistic' like you clearly are. What a gorgeous piece. You have quite the talent!

  2. What a gorgeous piece! You did a fabulous job! Love your style! You have some great ideas!! Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring!

  4. I love that you used so much color! Great piece & your touches are fabulous! Jen

  5. Lucy, that's just the greatest piece. Mackenzie Childs should be worried about you! Hope you'll drop by and see our amazing Swedish antique bed and clock. Jane F

  6. What a dynamic transformation! Love it! You have quite a talent there.

  7. Thank you all for the sweet comments...I appreciate it!!

  8. This is amazing, and I think I officially am running out of new ways to compliment you. The dresser is way cute, and the knobs on the side, hello, SOOOOO cute. Theoretically you could totally use them to hang stuff, lol. I would love to have this at my regular weekly party **Amaze me AUgust**, I wish you were my neighbor, my bedroom furniture needs MAJOR help, and I want to redo it so bad, but have never taken on such a project. Maybe you could be my online teacher, :) Gosh you are very cool, so ahppy I found you!!

  9. Hi! Just loving this transformation! So cute. But I really like what you did with the knobs on the side. So cool. I can just see them with jewelery haning all over them! Great job!

  10. Lucy, I had to FEATURE you today, I just love your blog. This dresser is incredible, and I am thrilled to have found you, just saying once again, in case you didn't already know that, lol. Come grab a FEATURED button, you deserve it. Bella :)

  11. Thanks again for the comments and to you Bella for featuring me!

  12. OMG I love this piece. thanks for sharing! terry


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