September 25, 2010

Roadside Find, Wooden Hutch and Shelves with Picture Frame Molding, Fence Post Finial and Cabinet Door Accents

furniture makeover
This is my kitchen hutch that started as a road side find...
well, part of it.

furniture makeover
This middle part is the "found" part.
It is all wood and it had glass doors and shelves. 

I removed the glass doors since 2 small boys and glass doors
wasn't going to work in my home.

cabinet doors on furniture
On that same roadside, there were also brand new cabinet door fronts
 still in the wrappers, and I grabbed them too. 
They ended up being an exact fit to apply to the sides for some added dimension.

picture molding scraps
 A while back, I bought a large supply of picture frame molding 
from a frame shop that was closing and I've used it for so many projects,
 this one included.

It's all mismatched, but I personally love that look.

I used Home Depot fence post finials for the feet.

Click on the "things to make with molding" heading to see all the ways I've used
 my picture frame molding

picture molding drawer handles
I cut some of the molding down to use as the door handles...

decorative molding as drawer pulls
And used more to make the drawer pulls. 

use picture frame molding on furniture
I built the two side pieces to match, they are separate from the main hutch. 
I built them specifically to my dimensions for the wall in my kitchen. 

 I bought baskets for storage and it is the perfect spot for school supplies for my boys. 

repurposed hutch cabinet
I used more molding to face out the edges of the shelves too.

 I primed, painted and applied a dry brushed distressed finish on the
entire piece and painted the inside of the hutch in a bright apple green.

kitchen hutch makeover
Thanks for checking out my roadside makeover!

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  1. Hi!
    I accidentally ran across your kitchen hutch redo when I was googling for an example to show my husband of an idea I have in mind for extra cabinetry we have in our basement left by previous owners. I'd start talking about it and get the *blank stare*, LOL!
    This is a perfect example (although I hardly think I can do such a beautiful job) and I'm going to use it as a guide for our project. I've bookmarked your site to look at your other creations.
    Thanks! :-)

  2. I would love to have that thing in my house. I think it can make my kitchen look beautiful.

    espar heaters

  3. oh Lucy! That freakin Rocks!
    I love all the LUCY touches that you added that make it so YOU!
    Its gorgeous,just like you!


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