Hand Painted Whimsical Wooden Cake Plates Made from Candlesticks, Wooden Lamps and Wood Pieces

wooden hand painted cake plate
These are all fun hand painted cake stands or serving trays
for cupcakes, pies, petit fours, etc.

I made them using various wooden pieces and parts
then painted in bright, colorful patterns.

pineapple serving stand
 This one started with two thrift store wooden pineapple candle holders,
the bottom is an inverted wooden bowl.

I cut the middle plate from plywood and used a ceramic knob on the inside
of the pineapple on top to cover the hole where the candle would go.

diy hand painted cake plate
The base of this one is a wooden lamp and I cut the wavy top
out of plywood then painted.

diy wood lamp base serving stand
The curvy base had lots of areas to add fun paint designs. 

harlequin blue cake stand cake server
Another wavy top I cut from plywood and painted in 
a whimsical harlequin pattern.

hand painted wooden candlestick base on cake plate
The base is one of a pair of wooden candlesticks...

hand painted candlestick base
I used the other candlestick on this lemon server...

hand painted lemon and leaves cake plate
Another wavy top painted in a blue lemon pattern.

hand painted wooden bowls
This started as a plain wooden bowl that you always see at thrift stores. 
I primed and painted in a fun orange zinnia pattern...

hand painted black and white zinnia bowl
I added a smaller, inverted wooden bowl for a "base".

hand painted flower bowl
And lastly, another wooden bowl thrift find that had a lid and
looked like a flower so that's how I painted it.

hand painted wooden flower bowl
I painted the inside in a pretty blue with polka dots :)

These were so fun to create and put together.
Thanks for stopping by to see them!

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