September 25, 2010

DIY Palm Tree, Hand Painted Palm Tree Decor with Paper Leaves Made From a Wooden Interior Column

DIY palm tree with paper leaves
This palm tree is a funky piece of art I was commissioned to make for a surf shop.

For the trunk, I used a wooden column and I built the base from plywood, adding
casters to make it easy to move around.
I applied a mosaic on the base using red penny tiles.

diy paper palm tree leaves and berries
The leaves were handmade using commercial fryer filters,
which are basically big, thick, textured sheets of paper.

For the leaf stems, I started with long wired, stemmed foliage from a craft store, ripped off the flowers/leaves that were on them and used that stem for the palm leaves.

I cut a leaf shape from the paper filters and glued two leaves together with a stem in between.
I left plenty of stem exposed at the end so I could stick them into the tree.

funky blue palm tree fronds
I gave the leaves a funky blue and green paint finish and also created
 palm tree berries (they have berries right?) from a Christmas ornament
spray and painted them red to give a little pop of color.

I painted the column and added some swirls and attached the leaves
by drilling holes at the top of the column to attach the stems.

diy blue palm tree
If you look closely, you can see a fence post finial I used at the top of the column
to finish it off.

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  1. Yay, this is totally awesome too. So funky, and colorful, and like I want one. PLEASE explain how you did those leaves, I am so confused, I ahve no idea what those are, and I want to know. lol. You are so much fun, what a LUCKY surf shop to have so many of your pieces. Next time I'm in FLorida, depending on where this shop is, I would LOVE to stop by. :)


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