September 25, 2010

Hand Painted Dog Bed Pet Bed made from a Repurposed Suitcase

suitcase pet bed
Pet bed made from repurposed suitcase.

I started with a plain brown soft sided suitcase I found at a thrift store.
I ended up cutting the top of it off and just used the bottom of it.

I primed it with spray primer and used black spray paint for the base coat,
then painted with lots of dots, stripes and added polka dot feet to the bottom

dog bed from a suitcase
This is a pretty large suitcase so it could work for kitties or small dogs

hand painted suitcase dog bed
The floral part of the bedding was actually a ladies skirt that I cut up
and used to cover foam for the bottom of the bed.
I used more foam for the sides and covered them with zebra fabric.

I ended up hot gluing decorative gimp around the top to finish it off.

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