October 7, 2010

Recycled Art ~ Funky "Junk" Faces Using Recycled and Repurposed Materials

funky face recycled art
This is a collection of "funky junk" faces I made years and years ago.
Sorry for the pre-digital camera blurry pics!

They all started with drawer pieces or cabinet fronts and I added wire, wood, paint, rusty metal, forks, hinges, washers....you name it, it's in there.

This guy has a latch hook for his goatee, a hinge mouth and part of 
a wooden cross for his nose...

funky junk face art
His eyes are a scrap of decorative molding with a woodworker's biscuit joiner
on top of that. He has spring eyebrows and plastic coated wire hair.

junk art face
A feminine version painted in green with purple dots, a scrap of molding for
her big, pink lips and a metal flower with chopsticks holding her wire hair in place.

recycled art face
I gave her long metal lashes with scraps of quarter round molding for her eyes,
and little washers painted in pink for her cheeks.

junk face art recycled repurposed
Another funky guy with drawer handles for his ears and 
scraps of molding for his polka dot lips...

junk art
His eyes are wooden finial feet and the dovetail part of a drawer for
his eyebrows.

recycled art face
This last one has a big hinge nose that I painted yellow, rusty star eyes with 
copper plumbing strap eyebrows and forks for the spiky hair

recycled art
Thanks so much for checking out my funky faces!

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