October 2, 2010

Hand Painted Floral Armoire and Diamond Harlequin Pattern Armoire

hand painted animal print and floral armoire
This armoire was given to me because it had broken doors.
I used the broken doors as templates and cut new ones out of MDF.

It had a medium tone wood finish and I ended up brushing a 
burgundy glaze over the existing wood finish on the sides and hand painted the rest of the armoire.

hand painted furniture
I left the sides plain but added stripes to the bun feet

hand painted furniture
I painted a black base with swirling vines and red-orange flowers
edged in metallic animal print leopard spots.

animal print handmade tassels
I made these two tassels to hang on the knobs using different fringes
and painted wooden pieces.

hand painted armoire with yellow zebra
For this one, I combined yellow zebra stripes
with metallic vine swirls on a black background.

hand painted zebra and diamond pattern armoire
I added brown and cream diamonds on the side

Thanks for checking out my armoires!!

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1 comment:

  1. I can't imagine all the work that go into your pieces. They are striking!


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