October 7, 2010

Handmade Mirrors, Fish Mirrors, Furniture Shaped Mirrors, Textured Mirrors and Mirrors with Carved Designs Using a Dremel

dremel carved furniture mirror
I've made many mirrors, usually the bigger the better!
See my latest Carved Zebra Mirror.

This fish mirror...sorry it's just leaning against a table 
before I took it to my booth to sell... was made from MDF, it's about 4ft x 4ft.
I carved the designs in the fish using my dremel.

fish mirror hand made blue
A smaller version done in blue and also carved with the dremel.

dremel carved nightstand
I love using my dremel to create designs on all sorts of things
including furniture like this nightstand I carved with the dremel.

Check out the "Dremel" category to see all the ways I use it.

large curvy mirror
I had a couple of those tall wavy mirrors you can find at IKEA and made frames to match.
For this one, I carved the spirals into the MDF with the dremel then painted the whole thing in off white. After it dried, I washed with brown and wiped off the excess to 
leave the darker color in the spirals for them to pop.

gold striped mirror
Another tall curvy mirror painted in gold and cream stripes and and I added
repurposed brass knobs for the "studs". 
They are the same knobs I used on the hand painted dresser with studded sides.

colorful fish mirror
This is about a 4ft fish shaped mirror I made.
I used Flexall to create the texture on the body and corrugated
tin pieces for the fins

fish mirror fish shape vintage tin fins
Another fish shaped mirror with a textured design

blue fish mirror
He can be hung vertically or horizontally

home made texture tool from a squeegee
I used this squeegee that I notched with a utility knife to make the designs 
on some of the fish mirrors. You can use it in texture compound or paint.  
It's basically a large version of those small rubber texture tools you 
buy at the craft store.
In this pic, I was using it to make a design on an Easter Egg Door Wreath.

8 foot orange fish mirror
Huge 8 foot fish mirror, again with a wavy IKEA mirror base.
I used every inch of the 4' x 8' piece of MDF I cut it out of.

Hung vertically or horizontally, he has fun painted orange designs
with vintage, rusty license plates for the fins and an old reflector for the eye.

curved gold spiral mirror
I love this shape. It's kind of a curvy, inside out parenthesis.
I actually have two of them in my home and I've sold several as well.

I cut it out of MDF and carved all those spirals and dots 
along the edge with the Dremel.
Painted in gold and washed in brown to bring out the detail.

fish mouth mirror

How fun is this mirror?
I can't take credit for the design, I saw it in a catalog (pre-internet days!)
and made my own version.

The majority of my mirrors I get from thrift stores.
Check them carefully for scratches before buying, but you
can find practically perfect mirrors for next to nothing.

For this fish, I cut a mirror to fit from a thrift store mirror. 

hand made oversize mirror frame
This mirror hangs in my living room... and now I see how dusty it is...embarrassing.
It's actually the very first mirror I ever made...awww...and it's big, of course, like 4ft x 4ft. 

caulk and rope mirror design
I'll have to share how I made this design more in detail one day but
the small swirls are made from paintable caulk, and the large roping detail
around the edge IS actual rope!

 I hot glued it on the edge, then used joint compound to smooth over the rope
 and build up the sides so it looks like it is actually part of the mirror. Painted and glazed.

large white sun shape mirror with textured dots
Terrible, terrible pre-digital camera pics but this was a sun
shape I cut out of wood and used a convex mirror with it. 

I used dots of caulk around the edges.
I describe the caulk process in  my 

large starfish mirror
A more recent starfish or sun mirror, I used a convex
mirror for the center again and made a design using the caulking dots.

furniture highboy mirror shape funky mirror
These next two mirrors are pretty funky.
Terrible images, scanned from photos that had been cut out 
around the photo, but I'm showing them anyway!

I cut this one to look like a piece of furniture, a highboy type piece.
Painted it all whimsical and girly, it was about 6 feet tall.
The flowers on the bottom "drawers" were real knobs so you 
could hang things from it.

funky chair mirror

A "chair mirror"... another oldie! 
Do you remember that children's show Blue's Clues? That's what it reminds me of.
Probably because when I made it, 15 years ago, my boys were very little 
and were watching Blue's Clues over and over...and over.

table top hand painted vanity mirror with dots, stripes, checks girly
The last mirror to share was this little Vanity Mirror Makeover
that I made and painted in a fun, girly, whimsical way.
I'm really not a girly girl, I just like painting those types of patterns.

painted vanity mirror
This is what's on the back of the Vanity Mirror :)

Thanks for checking out all my mirrors!
Wait, actually, it's not ALL of them,
click the "mirror" category to see the ones that didn't get included.

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  1. Holy Moly Girl. When do you find the time? I get that these aren't all creations you came up with this week but still, I get tired just looking at them all. Great tidbit of info on using caulk for texture. I'll have to remember that.

  2. LOL Sandra, yes these are all recent or past projects. Shoot, I wish I could get that much done in a week! I actually have all my pics on Facebook and just slowly getting them over here.
    Yeah, I love using the caulk and joint compound!

  3. very cool mirrors! You have been very busy. I jsut scrolled through your posts. You are very creative and imaginative.

  4. You are one talented lady. I'm sure you're in store to make some serious cash in the future.

  5. Thanks for your comments Gail and Laura!

  6. Love the fish mouth mirror! That is too fun! lol

    I own several of the wavy IKEA mirrors, never considered 'framing' them, although I have done that with other mirrors.

  7. was wondering if you have ever thought of an owl mirror? do you sell them?

  8. Hi! I had not thought of an owl, that would be really cute! I have an Etsy store... https://www.etsy.com/shop/LucyDesignsonline No mirrors listed at the moment but always available for custom orders
    Thank you!


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