October 3, 2010

Handmade Spooky Halloween Decor~ Dollar Store Skull Candlesticks

I saw an awesome post from Saw Dust Girl for skull candlesticks
and knew I had to make my own
Here's my version....
diy dollar store Halloween skull decoration candlesticks
I bought skulls at the dollar store but didn't have lamps
 like Sandra used, so I used what I had laying around.

I forgot to take before pics but the skulls were white,
I spray painted them black and dry brushed with different colors to give them a weathered look.  

DIY Dollar store Halloween decor
You can see one of my Handmade oversized ravens in this pic

Halloween plastic skull candlesticks
I don't have a great pic of the tops but they are rusty... 
like... don't cut yourself unless you've had a tetanus shot rusty.
I think they may have come from a metal planter or something

Halloween skull candles
For the bases, I added that heavy metal L bracket on the one on the left, 
partly because it looked cool and partly to give it weight for stability.

I used wooden base pieces I had and threaded leftover scraps of wood and spindles 
onto lamp rods then secured underneath with a nut.
I slapped paint on for a really distressed look.

Halloween ravens DIY and dollar store decor

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  1. Great post. I think they look awsome!

  2. thank you...I appreciate the comments!

  3. I love this look. I have the skulls. Just need to find the rest. Oh, yeah, and TIME. LOL
    Yours turned out great.

  4. Love it! Great idea I just love the skulls!!
    New follower here :)

  5. Coolest, scariest candlesticks EVER!!!

  6. Wow, I love these. They would be perfect for my Goth Halloween party I am hosting!

    Submit them in my Handmade Halloween Contest starting October 15th.

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

  7. thanks all! and Susan, thanks! I will link up!!

  8. Those look amazing! Thank you so much for joining my Halloween Link Party!

    - Megan


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