October 8, 2010

Tiger twin headboard, hand painted white tiger

white tiger headboard
This is a headboard I made out of a sheet of plywood for my 
youngest son when he was little. He's almost 16 now (!)
and this headboard has moved on to one of my niece's sons.

hand painted white tiger
Max was obsessed with white tigers...only white ones...so
it was a natural choice to decorate his room.

plywood animal theme headboard
I drew it out on a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, cut out with
the jigsaw then painted and applied Minwax polycrylic for protection.

hand made tiger headboard
The 4'x8' sheet is perfect for a twin bed. I didn't even attach
it to his bed frame but just put it between the bed and the wall and
it was very secure.

This is another headboard I made for a beach house commission
and also made from a sheet of plywood. It was actually a set of two but 
this was before digital cameras and before I thought about taking 
photos of my work!

palm tree headboard from sheet of plywood for twin bed
 I used every inch of 
the 8' length of the plywood to make the tall trees 
and painted sand dunes at the bottom...although that part 
will really bed covered by the bed.

Thanks for reading about my headboards!

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