October 7, 2010

Recycled Picket Fence Holiday Wreath

Christmas shabby chic picket fence wreath
Cute and quick Christmas wreath idea.

I started by cutting a small wood circle out of plywood and used small nails to 
attach the pickets to the wood circle.

My recycled pickets were a weathered brownish/gray so 
I brushed them with watered down apple green paint.
The watery paint gave them a nice stained effect and let the wood grain still come through.

picket wreath for Christmas
This wreath is quite large and about 36" across. You could also cut 
the base of the pickets down to create a smaller wreath.

I had a black metal bow on hand and painted it red with white dots.
The bow hangs on a small screw on the wreath so it is removable so
the wreath can be used for other seasons.

Quick and Easy!

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  1. I'm so glad you stopped by! It brought me back here,and you just have the BEST blog! Everything is so creative, and DIFFERENT! I adore this wreath, and your wavy mirrors. Following along on your creative journey now!

  2. Oh my....that is so cute. How'd you hook them together?


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