November 20, 2010

Stained Glass Mosaic Surfboards Part 1 - Sea Turtle, Palm Tree and Beach Waves

I've been working on a custom order for three mosaic surfboards and thought I would go ahead and post some "during" pics. If you would like, you can skip right to the after pics ;)
My customer wanted 3 different designs to fill a large wall in her home.

hand cut stained glass tiles for mosaic surfboard
I've got most of the glass cut and ready to go.  You can see the fabric swatch she gave me plus a general idea of the designs on paper which could change as I go.... you never know

 She envisioned a water design on one, a foliage design on another and sea turtles or fish for the third board.  Other than those instructions and the fabric swatch, she pretty much gave me free reign...yay!

wood surfboard cutouts
There are three but here are 2 of the shapes cut out plywood, they are about 5 1/2 feet tall

palm tree mosaic surfboard
Here is a "during" shot of the palm tree surfboard

stained glass mosaic surfboard on wood base
....the wave/water surfboard.  It changed a little from my first drawing. 

stained glass mosaic surfboards
Another shot of the palm tree with the sand... 
I'm playing around with the tiles up top, they aren't glued on yet

stained glass sea turtle mosaic surfboard
Here are the sea turtles with coral surfboard with the swirly patterns of the water done so far.  

palm tree design stained glass mosaic surfboard
Just a little more to go on this one, I ended up doing a night sky 
with little gold "stars" (actually metallic gold glass) in the sky.
Just need to finish the edges and grout.
See all the completed mosaic surfboard post.

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Thanks for checking them out!

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  1. WOW! Lucy~ those are kewel looking ~ you have a lot of patience :)


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