Christmas Tree in a Pot

 I've always wanted my artificial tree in a pot or urn in instead of the metal stand they normally come with.
 I had seen it done before but never took the time to do it.  

I started with a pot I already had and bought a 50 pound bag of concrete

I ended up lining my pot with a plastic garbage bag because my pot had drainage holes in it. 
I added water about a third of the way in the pot, 
put the trunk of the tree in and started shoveling the concrete mix around the tree trunk.

I also did not realize, until I was ready to undertake this task, that my tree trunk is attached permanently to the lower half of the tree. I was envisioning just putting a pole in the pot with the concrete.... 
but that's not what happened.

I was on a mission though and I was doing this no matter what. 
I will say it was a tiny bit difficult finagling that trunk with the tree attached in the pot...
by myself....but it all worked out

At this point I have the tree trunk in and the concrete mix in around it.  
There is no going back now so it is critical to make sure your tree is nice 
and even before the concrete sets up. 

 I put a level on the pole/tree trunk to make sure I wouldn't end up with a leaning, lopsided tree. 
I also mixed my concrete with hot water so the concrete would set up even faster.

Yep, level up and down and sideways

I waited until the next morning to bring it in the house and add the rest of the tree to it

This makes me so happy!

Ready to decorate

You can see it all decorated HERE

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  1. Gorgeous Lucy! Love your naturally shaped tree too! you could leave it as is and have an epic win!

  2. What a great idea. You were certainly brave to tackle this yourself!


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