DIY How To Embed Your Artificial Christmas Tree into an Urn or Planter Pot

diy Christmas tree in an urn or pot
I've always loved the look of the Christmas trees that are
in an urn or pot instead of the metal stand they normally come with.

diy christmas tree in a pot
I decided to make it happen this year with my existing artificial tree.

I was picturing an urn but realized I already had this planter pot and figured I would 
use what I already had and only had to purchase a 50 pound bag of concrete.

embedding christmas tree into pot with cement
I ended up lining my pot with a plastic garbage bag because my pot had drainage holes in it. 
This actually was a good step since it protected the pot from any stray concrete spatters.

I didn't realize, until I was ready to undertake this task, that my particular tree trunk pole is
actually the whole bottom part of my tree.
 I was envisioning just putting the bottom pole to the tree in the pot with the concrete, but that wasn't the case. Your tree might be different.
It was a little awkward dealing with the bottom branches while setting it in 
the concrete and getting it level but I just worked with it. 

I added hot water (so the concrete would set faster) about a third of the way in the pot, 
put the trunk of the tree in and started shoveling the dry concrete mix around the tree trunk
until it was almost full and stirred it a little with the garden shovel I was using.

leveling Christmas tree trunk
After your trunk is in with the concrete, it is critical to use a level and make sure your tree is 
nice and even so you don't end up with a leaning, lopsided tree. 

diy how to christmas tree in a planter pot
I let it set overnight, trimmed off the excess plastic bag 
and added the top part of the tree to the pole.

christmas tree in an urn or pot how to diy
This makes me so happy!
Yes, it's heavy, but that could also mean sturdy, which is great
if you have curious, climbing kittens or children pulling on a tree.

embedding your christmas tree into an urn or planter pot with concrete
All lit up and ready to go...
See it all decorated!

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