My Christmas Decor, Ornaments, Hand Painted Stockings and More

You may have seen my post yesterday where I shared my
  decked out Christmas Tree in a Pot so I wanted to show you the rest of the story...

After every last space on the tree is filled, I still have a bunch of ornaments left 
so I put them in big glass jars so I can still look at them and none of them feel left out.

Most of my ornaments have come from yard sales and thrift stores 
and some are even from my childhood. 

On the mantel I used glittery netting with decorative silver balls.
This netting is awesome, you can't mess it up!

I love those glittered word signs that are everywhere
 this year so I hung a "Believe" sign on this jar

More on the right side of the mantel

Just look at all that vintage-y goodness

My little paper mache deer with his garland collar 

I even lit the fireplace for this pic ( though you really can't even tell) 
and it was like 70 degrees here today.
By "lit" I mean I flipped a switch to turn it on, took the pic then turned it back off :)

I'm sure you are wondering what time it is,... 
I mean what in the world is that huge clock doing up there?
I'll have to share my clock fetish another day...on to the rest of the room...

This is hanging above my hand painted dresser that I have in the living room. 
 I wrapped a styro wreath form with a feather boa in that green color that I love, 
added an animal print ribbon to hang it and another word sign...Joy

So I made it sound like there was alot more Christmas decor to show and there's really not, 
I kept it very simple this year, but I did want to show you my hand painted stockings.  
I made these last year by painting on prefab canvas stockings

This Rubik's cube design is my oldest son Trevor's stocking. 

I didn't draw it out first, just dove right in.  
The trick here is using a paint brush that is the same size that you want your squares.   
I used a fabric paint in a bottle to make the squiggly's on the stocking cuff

This is Max's, my youngest, black and white zebra stocking ...
 'cause he's all rock and roll like that

More squiggly's on this cuff too

Ahhhh then mine...all diamond-y and animal print...yum


I found these mirrored stocking hangers at Target one year, 
you can't really tell they are mirrors in this pic but they do look pretty and reflect the light

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Merry Christmas!

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  1. These are amazing. I'd be thrilled if you'd stop by and link them up to our Christmas stocking linky party, going on all weekend.

  2. its all so pretty and fun! i am coveting that clock, by the way...

  3. How did I not see that wreath all over blogland this season? It's beautiful. If you decide you want a new one next year just send me that one, OK? Beautiful!


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