DIY Tomato Cage and Garland Topiary Christmas Trees

diy tomato cage Christmas topiaries
I don't actually have a legitimate tutorial for these trees because I made them a 
couple of years ago but they are super simple to create.

wire tomato cage into Christmas tree
Grab a wire tomato cage, you may even have one if you garden...

tomato cage Christmas topiary tree
Turn tomato cage upside down and wrap with wired garland,
securing with green zip ties or wire as you go to keep it in place.

tomato cage Christmas topiary trees
I already had these big iron planters at my front door so 
I set my trees in them. They had a lip around the inside edge
and the trees actually fit securely.

You may have to play around with yours depending on 
what type of container you put them in.

You may have to stack bricks or another pot in the bottom of your 
container to bring the trees up to the correct height and then
determine what you need to do to secure them to your planter pot.

tomato cage christmas tree topiary
I was going for a simple lighted tree shape but you could 
also add ornaments, pine cones, floral picks or ribbon.

Christmas porch with tomato cage topiary trees
I've gotten some emails about my door color.
It is Glidden exterior paint from Home Depot.
The color is "City Bistro" 10YR08/187

sparkly Christmas wreath with peace sign
To finish off my porch, I added a sparkly wreath with a "Peace" sign.
Not to be confused with my actual Peace Wreath.

diy christmas topiary from tomato cage
Merry Christmas Y'all!

more colorful Christmas decor.

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