Halloween Pumpkin Carving Using Rotozip Power Tool

rotozip carved pumpkin
Pumpkin carving has always been a family affair in our house 
but now that my boys are older they just aren't into the 
whole pumpkin carving ritual anymore... so it was left up to me.

I've used the Rotozip saw before to carve real and faux pumpkins,
super easy to do

I had seen this idea on before on a pumpkin and thought it was hilarious
so I got out the Rotozip saw...

carving pumpkin with rotozip power tool
I drew the shapes with a pencil and went for it. 
It literally took like 5 minutes...that's what I'm talking about!.......

funny pumpkin carving using power tool rotozip
Happy Halloween :)

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Jellyfish Lights

 I had two hanging metal pendant lights that I've been wanting to do something with.
I had thought I would hang silverware around the edges so I stopped by the thrift store looking for said silverware and I spot these....

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?....  Me too!... jellyfish lights 
I saw these bags of garland lights, 2 bags 2 bucks each "as is" 
meaning they don't know if the lights work, but all I'm seeing are the clear,
opalescent-y balls that are going to be jellyfish tentacles 
so it doesn't matter if they work or not

Up close

Here are the lights I'm starting with, 
ignore the dust and the unfinished projects in the background.

I start cutting the light strands so I can get to the good stuff

Here's what I'm left with, 2 sizes. 
I'm using one strand of the lighted garland per pendant.
At this point, I don't really have a solid plan but 
kind of thinking of attaching them with fishing line.

Still thinking fishing line when I spot this and the vision begins... 
This is some kind of conduit that was rescued from a construction dumpster. 
It it metal (aluminum?) tubing with electrical wires inside.  
I've used it for other projects before and it's fun to work with ...
Plus it just looks cool

You have to kind of unravel one end to expose the wires

Then you can just pull the wires out. 
They are wrapped in plastic and easily slide out and you are left with the metal tubing. 

 If you REALLY want to recycle, you can save the green, white and black wire to use for other projects.  
I've actually done that before but I'm on a mission right now and don't have time to be coiling up used wire!

After the wires are out, you just pull it apart and it will start to separate and uncoil.  
You can also use it as is without uncoiling.  
You may want to wear gloves.  
It's not really sharp until you start cutting it but it will rough up your hands 
(You'll see examples of this in some of the other pictures).  

Then I got all involved and forgot to take pics. 
I managed to get a few more but when I was at this point, 
I just started unraveling the tubing and adding my clear balls in random patterns making eight strands per light.

To attach the strands to the lights, I drilled eight holes around the edges, eyeballing it, then used lengths of wire to thread through the holes with a bead on top to secure it and attached the strands to this wire

I coil the ends of the wire around a paintbrush, or whatever you have, to make it spiral-y

These aren't going in my house, I'll be taking them to my booth where I sell my pieces, 
so I had to hang them off of my chandelier in the kitchen to photograph.

So here they are all finished, look kinda cool huh?...wait till you see them lit up though...

I think they look very cool and I would hang them in my house if I had a spot

They really do look pretty all lit up!

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Faux Bamboo Mini Blinds

When I moved into my current home 17 years ago 
we needed a quick inexpensive solution for all the windows 
and this is what we got these.....white metal mini blinds

Of course none of the windows were a standard size and they all had to be special ordered. 
(and yay! I have a "before" picture!!...kind of...got it off the Internet.

Fast Forward to present day, I have replaced all the blinds over the 
years except for the one in the laundry room.   
One day I finally got tired of looking at it.....

I took it outside, washed it and let it dry. 
I ended up layering about 3 different colors of spray paint to 
get the right color for the base coat and let that dry.

 I brought them back inside, hung them back up, then painted while they were hanging, much easier. 
I have other bamboo blinds so I studied them then headed back in the laundry room to paint.  
I used several different browns and tans to get the variation

They ended up looking pretty close to bamboo

Much better to look at than white mini blinds... especially while doing laundry

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Generic Builder Fireplace Makeover with Pebble or Stone Mosaic Tile Sheets

fireplace makeover with pebble mosaic sheets
This is my fireplace in my home.
 It was surrounded with marble-y looking tiles, just very generic looking...
sorry, no before pic.

Pebble Mosaic sheets applied to fireplace surround
I chipped the tiles off with a hammer and screwdriver then tiled
with pebble mosaic sheets I found on Ebay.

I ended up using the leftover grout that had been used to tile the floor so it worked out great.

fireplace makeover with pebble stone mosaic tile sheets
Big improvement...trust me!

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Thanks for checking out the makeover!

Palm Tree Headboards

These are twin headboards I made and sold a long time ago.

They were cut out of a sheet of MDF and hand painted. 
There were two of these, sorry for the bad picture,
 it is still in the garage and was scanned from a photo. 
That yellow square on it is the price tag!

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Tiger Headboard

This is a twin size headboard I cut out of a sheet of Plywood. 

You can also see the Palm Tree Headboard I made using the same concept

When my son was a little younger he was reaallly into white tigers and I made this for him

I didn't attach it to the bed frame but just put it between the wall and bed

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Handpainted Toile Dresser

Toile Design Dresser...

This started off as a thrift store find and was way before I knew to take "before" pics. 
It had a plain wood finish, 3 large drawers and is solid wood.
I had a piece of fabric that I referred to as inspiration for the painting.

My son says the design on the drawer fronts look like manta rays....
hmmmm, I guess they kind of do!

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Handmade Mirrors, Fish Mirrors, Furniture Shaped Mirrors, Textured Mirrors and Mirrors with Carved Designs Using a Dremel

large dremel carved fish mirror
I've made many mirrors, usually the bigger the better!
See my latest Carved Zebra Mirror.

This fish mirror...sorry it's just leaning against a table 
before I took it to my booth to sell... was made from MDF, it's about 4ft x 4ft

When I have intricate designs I'm cutting, I always use my Rotozip Spiral Saw.
Nope, not a spokesperson for them, I just love my saw.
You can use a jigsaw, it just takes longer.

dremel carved fish mirror frame
Kind of hard to tell in the pic, but I also used the Dremel on this frame
to carve the designs in the fish.
Check out the "Dremel" category to see all the ways I use 
it on furniture and more.

four blue fish mirror frame carved with dremel
A smaller version of the four white fish mirror, also carved with the dremel 
and painted in blue.

striped, studded tall wavy mirror
This tall, curvy mirror came about because I had a tall, wavy mirror
shape from IKEA and wanted a frame to match.

I painted in gold and cream stripes and repurposed brass knobs for the 
"studs". They are the same knobs I used on the hand painted dresser with studded sides.

spiral swirl design tall full length mirror carved with Dremel
This curvy beauty also started with one of those wavy mirrors from IKEA.
I cut out of MDF, you can also use plywood, and carved the spirals with the Dremel.

I painted in off white then washed with brown and wiped off the excess to 
leave the darker color in the spirals for them to pop.

hand made textured fish shaped mirror with vintage tin fins
I turned this pic horizontally, he was standing against the door, 
but he could be hung either way. About 4 feet tall.
I cut a fish shape then used Flexall to make the textured design.

The fins are cut from vintage tin pieces I had on hand.

home made texture tool from a squeegee
I have a squeegee that I notched with a utility knife and I use it 
to make designs in paint or texture compound and I used it on the fish mirror.  
In this pic, I was using it to make a design on an Easter Egg Door Wreath.

4 ft fish mirror with textured design and metal fins
Another fishy mirror in the same size, I used more texture for 
the design and corrugated metal for the fins.

huge 8 ft fish shaped mixed media mirror with license plate fins and vintage reflector eye
Huge 8 foot fish mirror, again with a wavy IKEA mirror base.
I used every inch of the 4' x 8' piece of MDF I cut it out of.

Hung vertically or horizontally, he has fun painted orange designs
with vintage, rusty license plates for the fins and an old reflector for the eye.

curvy gold spiral swirls full length mirror
I love this shape, kind of a curvy, inside out parenthesis.
I actually have two of them in my home and I've sold several as well.

I cut it out of MDF and carved all those spirals and dots 
along the edge with the Dremel.
Painted in gold and washed in brown to bring out the detail

fun whimsical fish mouth mirror hand painted
How fun is this mirror?
I can't take credit for the design, I saw it in a catalog (pre-internet days!)
and made my own version.

Have you ever priced mirrors, especially custom sizes, at a glass place? 
 Um, yeah, not gonna happen.
The majority of my mirrors I get from thrift stores.
Check them carefully for scratches before buying, but you
can find practically perfect mirrors for next to nothing.

For this fish, I cut a mirror to fit from a thrift store mirror. 

large hand made wavy mirror using caulk, spackle and rope for the design
This mirror hangs in my living room... and now I see how dusty it is...embarrassing.
It's actually the very first mirror I ever made...awww...and it's big, of course, like 4ft x 4ft. 

mirror frame design using caulk and rope
I'll have to share how I made this design more in detail one day but
the small swirls are made from paintable caulk, and the large roping detail
around the edge IS actual rope!

 I hot glued it on the edge, then used joint compound to smooth over the rope
 and build up the sides so it looks like it is actually part of the mirror. Painted and glazed.

sun shaped mirror with spiral arms
Terrible, terrible pre-digital camera pics but this was a sun
shape I cut out of wood and used a convex mirror with it. 

I used dots of caulk around the edges.
I describe the caulk process in  my 

orange red starfish mirror sun mirror with textured dots
A more recent starfish or sun mirror, I used a convex
mirror for the center again and made a design using the caulking dots.

whimsical feminine dresser highboy shaped mirror with curvy legs
These next two mirrors are pretty funky.
Terrible images, scanned from photos that had been cut out 
around the photo, but I'm showing them anyway!

I cut this one to look like a piece of furniture, a highboy type piece.
Painted it all whimsical and girly, it was about 6 feet tall.
The flowers on the bottom "drawers" were real knobs so you 
could hang things from it.

chair shaped blue's clues mirror hand painted

A "chair mirror"... another oldie! 
Do you remember that children's show Blue's Clues? That's what it reminds me of.
Probably because when I made it, 15 years ago, my boys were very little 
and were watching Blue's Clues over and over...and over.

table top hand painted vanity mirror with dots, stripes, checks girly
The last mirror to share was this little Vanity Mirror Makeover
that I made and painted in a fun, girly, whimsical way.
I'm really not a girly girl, I just like painting those types of patterns.

This is what's on the back of the Vanity Mirror :)

Thanks for checking out all my mirrors!
Wait, actually, it's not ALL of them,
click the "mirror" category to see the ones that didn't get included.

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