January 24, 2011

Skimboard Chalkboards

fun beachy chalkboards made from discarded wooden skim boards

They started like this

I sanded lightly and used chalkboard spray paint

Used white acrylic paint to freehand designs around the edges of both skim boards

I painted each one a little differently

I let them dry for a day then you "prime" them by rubbing chalk all over the surface and wipe off

I'm using this cute bamboo picture molding for a chalk holder

I use picture frame molding for a lot of projects.  
and most recently, this giant Butterfly

I toned down the gold finish on the bamboo with paint 
then glued and screwed them to the bottoms of the chalkboards....

....so they ended up looking like this

Here is one of the designs and...

....the other

I drilled holes in the sides and used rope for a hanger

 They would look adorable in a beach house or kid's room.

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January 22, 2011

Large 24" DIY Fluted Molding Wooden Alphabet Letters in Metal Look Finish

Giant molding letters

Guess I'm on a letter kick since I just made the "Eat" sign from molding also.
These are a little different and MUCH bigger, almost 2 feet tall

This is 6" wide molding and I cut to size with a compound miter saw. 
I glued and screwed small wood pieces to the backs to connect them

On the front I added squeeze caulk in dots all around the edges for a little more detail.

 I've used caulk for years to make designs, dots, swirls, etc. on pieces...fun stuff

Here they are assembled and with the dried caulk design

spray painted brown

dry brushed with gold acrylic paint 

Then I used watered down black paint and "antiqued" by brushing all over and then wiping off with soft cloth. After the black I ended up brushing on just a bit more gold

I added hooks on the back for hanging and they are ready to go

I'll be taking these to my booth where I sell my pieces

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January 20, 2011

Picture Molding Letter Art

I made this EAT sign using picture frame molding

You may remember me making other Signs and Letters 
with this molding and I used it on my kitchen hutch and on this bookshelf

I love using this stuff and I'm actually starting to panic a little because my supply is running low.

I cut the molding to size with my compound miter saw. 
 Let's hope a real woodworker never sees me working because I'm sure 
I don't follow proper procedure for cutting and measuring wood ;)

Here's the basic arrangement of the letters. 
I'm going to mount them on a board and put them in a cool frame I have

Here's the frame, very cool with an unusual shape but it has this....

....Two patches of missing trim.  I'm going to fix it...somehow.

I have no idea how this will turn out at this point, 
but I start with squeeze Spackle and squirt some on the bald patches.

I'm figuring if it doesn't turn out, I'll just scrape or sand it off and start over.

This is the kind of Spackle that is pink until it dries, then it turns white..
.in case you were wondering why in the heck I have pink Spackle. 

I used a nail to make little swirly designs in the wet Spackle. 

I let it dry and brushed on gold paint....

Then mixed up several colors to create this brownish, grayish... with a tinge of green... color
 and used it like a glaze by brushing it on my repair area then wiping off, leaving in the crevices.

I used a cotton swab to brush on liquid leaf gold paint over the raised areas.

And this is how it came out...
I'm pretty happy with it, it just kind of blends in with the rest of the design now.

A little closer look, this is the bigger area

And the smaller repair on the left of the frame

Here's the finished piece.
I ended up painting dark gray stripes on the black background 
and glued and screwed the letters on


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January 13, 2011

Cheetah Bench

I found this guy at Restore recently....

Here's what I started with.... 
a handmade wooden storage bench/stool. 
Someone put some work into it, it's very sturdy and I thought it was cute and funky. 

It had such a rustic look to it, I didn't really want to paint it, 
so first I applied stain to even everything out, then got out the Dremel

I used it carve out the leopard spots.  
I drew a couple of shapes loosely with white chalk to start with, then started carving

Starting to look better....

This is the face that the person who made the bench had drawn on.
It was lightly carved in the wood, but I wanted to enhance it a little

I used white chalk again and drew my face then carved it out with the Dremel

Here's my finished version of the face.

Oh and this is the tail that was on it....???? 
WHAT the heck is it? 
I think it may be a piece of carpet padding or something,
whatever it is...not gonna happen  

I cut a new tail out of wood, and gave it the same treatment with stain and carving

This is the little top that was on it, 
it's actually leather and in really good shape.
I decided to just work with it and see what I could come up with instead of replacing it

First I rubbed wax on it....not loving it

Then I used a little of the wax type shoe polish,
 I use this occasionally for "antiquing" things too... works great.

I just took a little hunk of the shoe polish wax and 
used it to draw leopard spots on the leather

It turned out pretty good.
I let it dry, and since it is wax, just buffed it out.  
It's rustic and not perfect, but goes with the piece

He's cute right?

Maybe in a child's room for storage, an ottoman or little side table?

Here's his little tail I added...

A closer look

I'll be taking this to my booth where I sell my art

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