January 24, 2011

Skimboard Chalkboards

fun beachy chalkboards made from discarded wooden skim boards

They started like this

I sanded lightly and used chalkboard spray paint

Used white acrylic paint to freehand designs around the edges of both skim boards

I painted each one a little differently

I let them dry for a day then you "prime" them by rubbing chalk all over the surface and wipe off

I'm using this cute bamboo picture molding for a chalk holder

I use picture frame molding for a lot of projects.  
and most recently, this giant Butterfly

I toned down the gold finish on the bamboo with paint 
then glued and screwed them to the bottoms of the chalkboards....

....so they ended up looking like this

Here is one of the designs and...

....the other

I drilled holes in the sides and used rope for a hanger

 They would look adorable in a beach house or kid's room.

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I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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