January 22, 2011

Large 24" DIY Fluted Molding Wooden Alphabet Letters in Metal Look Finish

Giant molding letters

Guess I'm on a letter kick since I just made the "Eat" sign from molding also.
These are a little different and MUCH bigger, almost 2 feet tall

This is 6" wide molding and I cut to size with a compound miter saw. 
I glued and screwed small wood pieces to the backs to connect them

On the front I added squeeze caulk in dots all around the edges for a little more detail.

 I've used caulk for years to make designs, dots, swirls, etc. on pieces...fun stuff

Here they are assembled and with the dried caulk design

spray painted brown

dry brushed with gold acrylic paint 

Then I used watered down black paint and "antiqued" by brushing all over and then wiping off with soft cloth. After the black I ended up brushing on just a bit more gold

I added hooks on the back for hanging and they are ready to go

I'll be taking these to my booth where I sell my pieces

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  1. These are really fun. I like that the lines in the molding add extra movement to your letters. The caulk gives them fun dimension. Blessings, Kim

  2. These are really cool and the color you applied came out great. I love the finish. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I would have never known that was caulk that made the dots! So impressed.

  4. This is hands down crazy awesome! They look steam punkish even. So creative with the molding take.

    I've featured you in SNS #66's sidebar this weekend. :)


  5. I just love this...just used up some left over molding by making a large inspiration board--now i'm gonna have to go get some more to copy your project!

  6. Wow, these are so cool! I had no idea they were made from molding at first glance. Love the dots of caulk...

  7. Very cool, I love how the gold & black paint gave it a metal look!

  8. these are AWESOME with a capital A! Welcome to blogging. I saw your feature over at TDC...and thought I would let you know Monday on my blog I am having a newbie linky party. First one that I ever known of..there will be all new bloggers, so you are sure to make some new buddies. Also I started a series coffee talk Tuesday, along with some tutorials for you new blogs. All under my header.

  9. Hi! Just found your site via TDC! I REALLY love how you did these letters. They turned out so nice! Very inventive.

  10. I'm so inspired by all of your frame pieces and letters. Brilliant!

  11. These are really great!! Love the caulk turned detail!



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