Large 24" DIY Fluted Molding Wooden Alphabet Letters in Metal Look Finish

Giant molding letters

Guess I'm on a letter kick since I just made the "Eat" sign from molding also.
These are a little different and MUCH bigger, almost 2 feet tall

This is 6" wide molding and I cut to size with a compound miter saw. 
I glued and screwed small wood pieces to the backs to connect them

On the front I added squeeze caulk in dots all around the edges for a little more detail.

 I've used caulk for years to make designs, dots, swirls, etc. on stuff

Here they are assembled and with the dried caulk design

spray painted brown

dry brushed with gold acrylic paint 

Then I used watered down black paint and "antiqued" by brushing all over and then wiping off with soft cloth. After the black I ended up brushing on just a bit more gold

I added hooks on the back for hanging and they are ready to go

I'll be taking these to my booth where I sell my pieces

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