February 28, 2011

Dog Bed From an End Table- Black and White Stripes

I just finished this little dog bed I made from an end table

This is how it started

I added some finials and spool things for legs

I cut the legs off on one end, added the finials and feet and 
attached a wooden plaque that I had to make the headboard

Here it is after paint

Added a little bone for the headboard

Painted the back too

Lots of hand painting on this one

I found this great cushion that was just the right dimensions.  
It doesn't show up well in the picture but the fringe matches the rest of the paint colors perfectly

This will be going to my new space at Smith's Antiques and Interiors...SOLD

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 I've made more dog beds from end tables since this one...
you can see them HERE and  HERE

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February 23, 2011

Kitchen Pantry Makeover DIY Installing Wood Wrap Around Shelving to Replace Wire Shelves

kitchen pantry makeover DIY
Today I replaced the wire shelving in my pantry with wrap around wood shelves
and I couldn't be happier.

I cut the lengths of wood I needed for it yesterday so I could get started first thing today.
It took about 5 hours from start to finish.

kitchen pantry makeover DIY before
This is my before....just keeping it real y'all. 

 It's an abyss and a constant battle with those 2 ft deep shelves where boxes and bottles
won't stand up straight or things end up falling through the wire.  
I have to move stuff around every time I'm looking for something.

After reorganizing it for the hundredth time,
 I decided there had to be a better way.

Here's what I did...

kitchen pantry wire shelf makover
I ripped the old shelves out, patched the holes and repainted

kitchen pantry with wood shelving
Do yourself a favor and get the pre-primed wood pieces for the shelving
....what a time saver. 
I used standard sizes I found at Home Depot so all I had to cut were the specific
lengths I needed. I ended up using wider boards for the bottom two 
shelves because I wanted a spot for my crock pot and other larger items.

On the sides, I didn't want the shelves to stick out past the door opening
so for my pantry, I used 6" boards, obviously, yours may be different.

wood shelves in kitchen pantry how to
I didn't make any fancy cuts. I put full boards across the back of the pantry
and butted the ends of the side pieces to the back shelf.
I didn't attach the ends to each other, they are only butted together.

The distance between most of my shelves is about 13".
The top and bottom shelves are about 16", I made sure the top shelf could
accommodate one of those giant boxes of cereal standing up.
Other than that I didn't really have any criteria, I just kind of eyeballed it
and they ended up being around 13".
You can easily adjust for your own needs.

kitchen pantry wire shelves to wood shelves
To attach the shelves, I screwed 1" x 2" strips to the wall, making sure they were level,
then screwed the shelf boards into the strips, placing the screws 
just on the very back edge of the shelf, it really is super secure. 

white cabinet mounting screws
I used white cabinet mounting screws I found at Home Depot to 
attach the mounting strip, or cleat, to the wall. 
I used shorter wood screws to attach the board to the mounting strip.

kitchen pantry replace wire shelves with wood shelving
The after.

I gained two additional shelves that I didn't have before,
the one at the very bottom and one at the very top...yay!

replace wire shelving with wood shelves in kitchen pantry
It wraps alllll the way around....*starry eyed*  
I seriously had to stand there and admire it...it makes me very happy.

kitchen pantry remove wire shelves replace with wrap around wood shelves
Then I started filling it back up...
I created this pantry in 2011 when my boys were younger
so excuse all their junk food!... bleh

kitchen pantry redo
I now have a shelf for the crock pot and cat food so they don't have to live on the floor of the pantry.

kitchen pantry from wire shelves to wood shelves makeover DIY
So there's my pantry makeover, I love how it turned out
and after living with it for a few weeks, I'm amazed how
organized it has stayed, it's so great!

I've gotten a lot of emails from people wanting to do this to their pantry but 
afraid they won't have as much room.
promise I have more room than before, not to mention everything is 
easily accessible and in plain view.

pantry redesign removing wire shelving

The photo above shows my second pantry makeover that I just
completed in my new home. I had to alter the process slightly and this time measured 
before and after to calculate if we were losing any space. Result?...negligible.
A very easy project that helps you stay organized and we absolutely love it.

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February 18, 2011

Ladybug Rocker...Trash to Cuteness

Have you seen the latest Grandin Road catalog? 
(Pause to daydream)... 
I would really love to just go live in that catalog.
So as I was drooling over thumbing through the newest issue, I see these cute insect pillows. 

I think they are so cool and they make me think of Spring, which I'm so ready for. 
When I saw them I knew this was going to be my inspiration for a child's rocking chair I found recently.

 I was driving along, minding my own business, and spotted this little rocker sitting beside a dumpster so...
of course I hopped out and snagged it

It was really in great condition and very sturdy except for the seat...looks like it had been left outside and the seat was loose and coming apart so....

I cut out a new one and glued and screwed it on from the bottom.

Sanded it, gave it coat of off white spray paint and sanded it again for a distressed look

Painted the ladybug...

And some black stripes on the back

Oh, and it's a Thomas Pacconi rocker too.
I'm saying that like I know who Thomas Pacconi is...I don't, 
BUT I knew I had heard the name before.

Googled and all I could find were Thomas Pacconi Christmas ornaments...maybe he (they?) used to make furniture? Don't know.

Ladybug Rocker
 (sounds like a girl band or something!)

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February 17, 2011

Headboard Cafe' Sign

Just finished this Cafe' sign...
 made it from a wooden headboard and picture frame molding for the letters

What I started with

Painted it white with light gray stripes and distressed it. 
This is one of those projects that turns out great, you take pictures and then....wha??
Somehow the pics just don't do it justice.  I promise it looks so much better in person!

Spray painted the letters black then dry brushed on metallic paint.

Added these wooden fish I already had...just sanded them down for a distressed look

Here it is in my kitchen just to give you an idea of the scale, it's pretty big.
Unfortunately I'm not one of those bloggers that beautifully stages their photos, so you'll just have to work with me on the "propped up" look!

This will be going to my booth where I sell my pieces

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February 5, 2011

Hand Painted Child's Rocker

Just finished a little makeover on this cute wooden 
child's rocker that I found at a thrift store

This is what I started with....lovely huh?

After I stripped the fabric off the seat, I saw it was particle board...ugh. 
I wasn't going to put a cushion on it so 
I covered the edges with molding that 
I attached with wood glue and finishing nails.

I spray painted the whole thing black and decided on a simple pattern 
of white numbers on the black background.

 I mentioned before when I was painting 
how I don't really use stencils.  
I prefer to go for it by hand and see what happens... 
'cause I'm all risk taking like that haha

 I used white chalk and  lightly drew on the numbers 
to get the placement down before I started to paint

I painted the numbers with white acrylic paint 
and gave the seat a clear coat for protection

My painting is not perfect, but I like the "painterly" effect 
and you really don't notice the tiny imperfections when looking at the overall piece....
that's what I'm telling myself anyway ;)

Awww, it's cute!
 My 12 yo son, who weighs probably as much 
as I do asked if he could sit in it...uh, NO!

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