Hand Painted Child's Rocker

Just finished a little makeover on this cute wooden 
child's rocker that I found at a thrift store

This is what I started with....lovely huh?

After I stripped the fabric off the seat, I saw it was particle board...ugh. 
I wasn't going to put a cushion on it so 
I covered the edges with molding that 
I attached with wood glue and finishing nails.

I spray painted the whole thing black and decided on a simple pattern 
of white numbers on the black background.

 I mentioned before when I was painting 
how I don't really use stencils.  
I prefer to go for it by hand and see what happens... 
'cause I'm all risk taking like that haha

 I used white chalk and  lightly drew on the numbers 
to get the placement down before I started to paint

I painted the numbers with white acrylic paint 
and gave the seat a clear coat for protection

My painting is not perfect, but I like the "painterly" effect 
and you really don't notice the tiny imperfections when looking at the overall piece....
that's what I'm telling myself anyway ;)

Awww, it's cute!
 My 12 yo son, who weighs probably as much 
as I do asked if he could sit in it...uh, NO!

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