February 18, 2011

Ladybug Rocker...Trash to Cuteness

Have you seen the latest Grandin Road catalog? 
(Pause to daydream)... 
I would really love to just go live in that catalog.
So as I was drooling over thumbing through the newest issue, I see these cute insect pillows. 

I think they are so cool and they make me think of Spring, which I'm so ready for. 
When I saw them I knew this was going to be my inspiration for a child's rocking chair I found recently.

 I was driving along, minding my own business, and spotted this little rocker sitting beside a dumpster so...
of course I hopped out and snagged it

It was really in great condition and very sturdy except for the seat...looks like it had been left outside and the seat was loose and coming apart so....

I cut out a new one and glued and screwed it on from the bottom.

Sanded it, gave it coat of off white spray paint and sanded it again for a distressed look

Painted the ladybug...

And some black stripes on the back

Oh, and it's a Thomas Pacconi rocker too.
I'm saying that like I know who Thomas Pacconi is...I don't, 
BUT I knew I had heard the name before.

Googled and all I could find were Thomas Pacconi Christmas ornaments...maybe he (they?) used to make furniture? Don't know.

Ladybug Rocker
 (sounds like a girl band or something!)

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  1. Oh my, my, my! I just picked up a child-size rocker today at the thrift store and was looking for a little inspiration for a re-do. Looks like I found it! How cute is this? I love it, girl! Good work! www.inbetweenlaundry.blogspot.com

  2. Hey, lucy
    I just found your blog today (i dont think ive been here before,, ha ha),, love that little dog bed and this little rocker is just too cute.

  3. Oh my goodness! You are toooo talented and I love ladybugs...they were my sororities little mascot so I still love to see them! I love what you do with everything on your blog! I will be following you for sure!!

  4. I drool over the Grandin Road catalogs too. Those pillows are adorable, but I really love your rocker! Who wouldn't? What a wonderful curbside find.

    Blog giveaway at www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com for three antique blue half gallon mason jars.

  5. Excellent way to liven up the old rocking chair. Looks great.


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