The Original Table Leg Dragonflies with Ceiling Fan Blade Wings

This post has been crazy popular over the internet, and these are the originals.

I created these dragonflies made with spindles or table legs for the bodies many years ago.
When I first started making them, I would create a wing shape out 
of wire and wrap the wire with canvas that I hand painted with various designs.

The addition of ceiling fan blades for the wings was my latest idea.

table legs and spindles for dragonfly bodies
The bodies of the dragonflies are table/furniture legs and spindles

dragonfly wings with scrolled design made with rotozip
For some of the wings in this batch, I used wood that I cut with a jigsaw
into a wing shape then used my Rotozip saw to cut the scroll design.

thrift store ceiling fan blades for dragonflies
When I came upon this box of ceiling fan blades at the thrift store,
all I saw was dragonfly wings.

table leg dragonfly with ceiling fan blade wings
I cut some of the ceiling fan blades down into more of a wing shape
 by clamping 4 together at a time and using the jigsaw to make the cut

ceiling fan blade dragonfly wing
I painted with various distressed finishes and added a little dimension by gluing other 
wooden pieces and parts on the wings.

The wings are attached to the spindle from the back using screws.
Be sure to drill pilot holes through both the wings and the spindle
body before screwing them in.

I added finials to the ends of some of the table legs, 
this was a single ottoman leg I had...I knew I was saving it for some reason!

ceiling fan blade dragonfly wings
I used scraps of molding on other wings

table leg dragonfly
The patina on this spindle is perfect,
I left it as is and tried to match the wings to it with paint

table leg dragonflies
These two I did a little differently

macrame beads on dragonfly body
You know those giant wooden macrame beads you always see at 
thrift stores but never know what to do with them?
I used them to create a zig zag pattern on the front of
this table leg and gave the whole piece an antiqued turquoise finish.

paint finish using your fingertips
For the wings I used thinned paint and my fingertips to create the pattern

tortoise shell paint finish using fingertips
Pictures don't really do it justice, it looks pretty cool in person

table leg dragonfly
The eyes are little metal pieces from the back of brass knobs I had and
the antenna are metal hooks.

table leg dragonfly antenna mixed media
These antenna are rusted wire that I curled on the ends...

These large whimsical antenna are made from copper metal plumbing strap. 

I've actually had people email me to let me know dragonflies have tiny,
barely noticeable antenna and not large antenna that I have created.
Since these are whimsical art creations... out of my head...
and not lifelike dragonflies, I think it's perfectly cool if some of 
them have crazy antenna!

original table leg dragonflies
Did you know dragonflies are the symbol of renewal?
It's actually a perfect fit using recycled materials to create them.

table leg dragonfly garden art
There is a lovely story called Waterbugs and Dragonflies by 
Doris Stickney that tells the story of dragonflies and rebirth.

I've lost count of the emails I've gotten from people telling me how
dragonflies have such a special meaning to them and their loved ones. 
They truly are symbol of rebirth and renewal.

repurposed recycled table leg dragonflies by lucy designs
Hang indoors or out, I seal with liquid Minwax Polycrylic

Keep in mind they are painted wood and they are going to weather, and
could start looking dull like any painted wood if left outside. 
The finish will last longer if displayed in covered area outdoors like a porch or patio.

If you want them in direct weather and want to prolong the painted finish, 
you can always re-coat with a spray of clear poly about once a year.

But really, doesn't recycled and repurposed go along with the vintage
distressed look anyway?

Please don't copy my designs exactly, get inspired, have fun with it
and get your imagination going, the possibilities are endless.

I'm no longer creating them but have enjoyed making each 
and every one, thank you!

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Thanks for looking!

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