Geek to Goddess Clay Bust Statue Makeover with Shells

clay goddess bust with shells
Goddess version.

Just a few hot glue gun burns, shells and paint
and this lady has had a makeover.

female bust makeover diy
Here is how she started, she's.... um... a very handsome woman?

Someone gave her to me, they were going to throw her away,
she's made out of some sort of clay...very heavy.

I was envisioning giving her a little makeover, or at the very least,
 hide the fact that her bangs are way too short

air dry clay
I've never worked with clay but knew I needed something
clay-like to help make her over and found this air dry clay at Michael's.

I used it to cover her eyes and make them look closed 
and also plumped up her lips a little too.

I also used it as the first layer to apply the shells but after it dried overnight,
 there were spots where it didn't adhere very well 
and I ended up using hot glue to reattach the loose spots and add more shells.

clay goddess makeover statue
Here she is after I closed her eyes and started to glue more shells. 
 I live at the beach and using beautiful Florida seashells that 
I've collected or have been given to me over the years.

Sea goddess with shells statue
She's all decked out with shells and ready for the next step.

clay bust statue makeover
I'm going for a weathered concrete look so I sprayed her with white primer
 then gray spray paint. 
In this photo, I had already started dry brushing her with white paint
after the spray paint had dried.
VERY dry brush, over the whole piece. and then she was done.

clay goddess statue with shells
Side view...
I took her outside to get some pics but since hot glue was used, she 
is not recommended for outdoor use,

Goddess bust with shells diy makeover Lucy Designs
Her 'do in the back

clay statue makeover diy
Other side...

dry brushed concrete look shells
Top view.

clay female bust makeover diy
I would like to think she's happy with her makeover.

diy bust with shells and clay
I think she looks very serene...maybe a little Buddha-esque.

This one of a kind piece is sold.

Thanks for looking! 
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