March 18, 2011

Hand Painted Dollhouse Book Shelf


How it started...found it at a thrift store...
 It had shag carpet in the upstairs floor that I ripped out before I even put it in my car.  
There were also vinyl floor tiles on the bottom that came out too. 

It didn't have the feet on it, I added them but then removed after I took this pic
 because it just wasn't stable enough.

I painted diamonds on the floor and used the stencil I made for the walls.
It was hard to get a decent pic with all the shadows.
I also added that chair leg "column" piece on the bottom level 
because the shelf had a little dip in it that was bugging me

The bottom piece of wood, painted in green and white check, 
is what I added instead of the feet.... much more stable

I painted the outside in a pale yellow-green, 
antiqued it and painted the rest of the details very loosely.

I was thinking I was going to paint all the details like the shutters and molding but then I started grabbing little wood scraps and pieces and used those instead. 

The shutters are wood shims.  The "window boxes" are shutter slats.  
The pieces above the window are wooden clothespins that I took apart and I topped them with picture molding scraps that were already cut like that.

The wavy pieces in the middle and the sides were leftovers 
I had saved when I cut something else out a while back.

You can see the same wavy pieces I applied on the sides

I painted the door and doorknob then used more clothespins for the door "molding". 

 The piece over the door is a metal back plate from a drawer pull, and I topped that with 
 biscuit joiner pieces that woodworkers use..

The "topiaries" were decorative wood pieces I had and 
I thought they looked like little topiaries so I painted them and used  fleur-de-lis scrapbook pieces to embellish.

These might be my favorite part.....probably because I want some topiaries at my front door.

On the sides, I used more clothespins and another decorative piece.

I cut a bird out of wood for the roof

Painted the roof and washed with brown...

This piece is large, about 4 ft tall.  
It can be used as a bookshelf, storage or, of course, a dollhouse

Thanks for checking it out

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  1. So Adorable! Beautiful transformation, love all the details, especially the topiaries! I'm your newest follower, I would love for you to stop by and check out my little dollhouse sometime!

    Warm Weekend Wishes,

  2. Oh Lucy, this is fabulous. How long did it take you to complete this. I love it. You are super talented.

  3. Lucy, your attention to detail is astounding, as well as the materials used for the details. It is absolutely charming!

  4. Great piece. Love all the little details, including the bird you cut out and added. So cute!

  5. So darling! I love all the details.

  6. I love it. My favorite parts are the windows and the topiaries. Looks like this would be perfect for a little girl's room or a cottage garden room too. I'll be surprised if you don't sell it quickly.

  7. I want one even though I'm 49. That is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing.

  8. what a nice project. I love that you used things that were just hanging around to decorate the details. very green.

  9. I love all the extra pieces you used to adorn this dollhouse shelf!
    My favorite? the topiaries!
    great job!


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