March 31, 2011

Pet Portrait of Yellow Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever pet portrait
This is Buck.
He was my Dad and Mom's yellow Labrador Retriever and he passed away recently.
Both my parents are completely heartbroken and I decided 
to honor his memory by painting a portrait for them.

Buck the yellow labrador
This is a photo I used for reference.  
He was a much younger pup here, but I wanted to remember him young and healthy

yellow lab pet portrait
My parents lean towards a more rustic decor so I painted this on a
slatted wooden board I had, it's about 12" x 18".

pet portrait on wood
Dad's favorite color is blue so I gave it a blue background then sanded for distressed look

yellow labrador pet portrait

labrador retriever pet portrait

labrador retriever pet portrait

labrador retriever pet portrait
Hope they like you Mom and Dad!

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  1. OMG! Lucy ~ you did it again...that is truly an amazing likeness. Absolutely ~ they will both LOVE it. What a precious gift. Love you.

  2. Lucy, that's adorable! They will love it :)

  3. Just beautiful, a wonderful, lovely gift. I just dropped my Lab off at doggie day care and can really appreciate this love of Labs!

  4. A beautiful surprise! I keep opening the page and looking at it cause it's just like looking at Buck. Your Dad may miss him more than I do as they were so close, like you and Shelby

  5. Lucy Honey your portrate of our Buck is simply marvelous. I just
    cannot thank you enough. I miss him so very much - my heart is still on the ground. I spread his
    little bag of ashes around our house yesterday while it was raining. The rain helped wash away
    the tears. I LOVE You, Dad

  6. omg,, what a beautiful potrait,, I know your parents love it. you did a great job on this. We lost our lab last year and we had her for about 9 years. We all still miss her so much, she was so much more than a pet.

  7. It's a good portrait! your parents are going to love it! I'm a dog person too... have pics of my dogs all over, from the past and the present.

  8. You are a very talented painter indeed. What a precious remembrance of Buck.

  9. Lucy! it's awesome!
    I'm sure they will love it!

  10. WOW Lucy...that's really good. Girl you can do anything!!!


  11. It is beautiful, excellent likeness! What a treasure for them to have this and for you all to have each other. And your Dad's comment so heartbreaking. Our fur friends are our family.

  12. Stunning piece of art ... so realistic. I'm sure your parents will treasure it.


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