Use Flour and Water for Weathered Concrete Faux Finish

weathered plaster pedestal with flour faux finish
Here's a little plaster table/plant stand I just finished.

plaster pedestal
It started plain like this, someone gave it to me.

I forgot to take pictures of the first couple of steps but to start,
I took watered down dark gray paint and brushed it on the whole piece.  
The plaster soaked it right up.
Then I dry brushed it with off-white paint....

faux finish using flour and water diy
Next, get a bit of flour (yes, flour) and a spray bottle of water.
You can see the "before" look of the pedestal in the background.

faux finish using flour
Sprinkle the flour on randomly. 
In some areas, I rubbed it in with my hands to spread it out.
Mist lightly with water and let dry.

how to use flour for aged concrete look
It's the same concept as using flour and water when making paper mache 
that dries hard. In the picture above, the flour is dry and I'm about to go to the next step.

Take a large, stiff paint brush, and brush the excess flour off. 
The flour that is going to stick is not going to budge and the excess brushes off.
And that's've created weathered concrete.

use flour for aged effect
It may be hard to tell but it really adds some cool texture.
It looks like it has been sitting outside for a long time and has a nice weathered patina.

flour water and paint for weathered pitted look

flour and paint for aged effect
You can see where the flour is dried into some of the crevices.

use flour and paint for weathered aged look
Indoor use only, this one of a kind piece has sold.

Thanks for looking!

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