April 29, 2011

Hand Painted Turquoise Dog Bed from an End Table with Floral and Dot Painted Fabric Cushion and Whimsical Dog Bones

before and after makeover dog bed from an end table
Another end table transformation into a dog bed...

hand painted black and white striped dog bed
I had made this dog bed recently and it sold pretty quick at my booth
so I decided to make another.

wooden end table turned into a dog bed
I found the perfect little end table for it,...all wood and VERY heavy.
I'm always amazed at the quality of old furniture that you find compared
to the stuff out there today.  
This table is also a little bigger than the last one.

hand painted dog bed with dog bones
I love all the detail on this table, so many little carved sections for me to paint.
The main color is aqua with a brown wash to give it depth.

whimsical painted dog bones shape
Painted polka dot bones since that's probably what doggies dream of...

carved round wooden spindle
I cut down these wood spindles to make the feet for the bed...

furniture feet made from wooden spindle
I love how they turned out.

hand painted dog bed with turquoise and green stripes
I glued and screwed wood balls to the tops of the "legs"

painting on fabric
I hand painted canvas fabric to make a coordinating reversible cushion.
Check out my post on painting on fabric.

hand painted yellow poppy flower bud
I did end up adding gold dots to the flower side of the cushion, they weren't in the previous pic

hand painted dotted fabric with metallic gold
And I painted big gold edged polka dots for the other side... 
in case it's a boy dog and he's not into the flowers.

painted fabric with flowers
Got it all sewn and stuffed and ...wha????? It's too small!
Apparently I didn't take into account that the stuffing is going to make the cushion poofy so it won't be the same dimensions as when it is empty.  
So if you didn't know that either...you're welcome... if you did, wow,  I wish you had told me!

hand painted fabric orange and yellow poppy flowers
I ripped the whole thing apart, added more canvas to make a border around the painted fabric,
then re-sewed  probably 3 more times because I couldn't get the size right. and re-stuffed. 
 It was a perfect fit!

hand painted dog bed from an end table with custom cushion
Dotty side...

hand painted dog bed from an end table with dog bones
Flower side.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm always adding new dog beds in my Etsy store,
plus lots of other cool items.

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April 24, 2011

Whimsical, Girly, Hand Painted Tabletop Vanity Mirror Makeover DIY Before and After

Tabletop Vanity Makeover

Remember this?

And I took it apart....

And made This?

So then I was left with...This!

I removed those headlight looking lights and was left with 2 big holes, 
there was no hiding those holes

I decided to embrace the holes and make more holes
I used this hole cutter bit to do it.  

I have a set of these bits and one of them just happened to be 
the same size as the existing holes...serendipity!

I cut the holes and came up with this.
I added wood pieces to the bottom to stabilize it and some little ball feet

Gave it some paint love...

Painted the insides of the holes in gold..

Little black ball feet on the bottom...

You can see the wavy cut out bottom piece in this pic

I'm picturing this vanity in a young girls room or bathroom,
so I included this message on the back of the mirror

We all need to hear that once in a while right?

Lots of fun details everywhere...

I painted this metal drawer pull in blue because I thought it needed a little more color ha!


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April 23, 2011

Yellow Zebra Armoire

Brace yourself!  Fun and funky armoire coming up...

I LOVE animal print and have been on a zebra kick lately. 
  Zebra table, Zebra Mirror and now this armoire.

Here's how it started. 
You can see my note above about the carved flowers...that was my first priority...fill those babies in with wood putty!

After being filled, sanded and painted,
it's like the whole ugly flower thing never happened.
I don't have any during pics and you'll just have to excuse the "after" ones since they are all taken in my garage because this thing is HEAVY and I'm not moving it until I have to!

Some fun details on the sides...

Some gold stripe action throughout...

I used these round wooden finial pieces from spindles for the knobs...

You know I can't just leave the inside plain! 
Well, you may not know that... but I can't.

It has a drawer on the inside too...

I'll be taking it to my booth at Smith's Antiques and Interiors

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April 22, 2011

Thrift Store Clocks Transformed into Painted Mirrors with Zebra Stripes

Guess I'm on a clock kick because here is another project using old clocks. 

I finished a clock table yesterday, you can see it here
I love oversized things too and have made 
a lot of giant clocks in the past....the bigger the better!

This is one I made that is in my home, it's about 4 feet in diameter with a heavily distressed finish

This is how the mirrors started... three different broken clocks

Cool little metal detail on this one.

I cut the centers out with the jigsaw, painted and added mirrors...that's it!

Guess I'm on a zebra kick too because I painted this 
one with a zebra pattern and I recently painted a zebra table
AND I'm working on a zebra armoire...I know!

I just love this little metal piece on this one

I painted all three with a cream base, gave them a little glaze and black accents.

This one is the same color as the other two, it's looking kind of yellow here though.
I had already hung it at Smith's Antiques and Interiors where I have a booth, and realized I never had an after picture.

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