April 21, 2011

Clock Table

I found this giant 30" clock at a garage sale recently. 
 Wood with plexiglass top...it was in great condition but one of the clock hands had come off. 
 I'm sure I could have reassembled it but I decided to ditch the whole clock idea and make a table instead

Added some mismatched wooden legs...

A distressed green finish..

Took it apart and painted the back with some stripe action..

Top view

Wow...There's ALOT of green in that picture. 
I do love green :)

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  1. Hey there! You are so stinkin' creative, LOVE this and love the dog bed!!! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    Feel free to stop by!


  2. aww so cute. You've got a great eye for making things.

  3. Amazing as always! I think a couple of those legs look familiar... ;)))

  4. That's really fun ... love the color. You're so creative!

  5. Wow! it's really fabulous!
    I cannot ADD a single blog to my reader... does that make me a bad friend?
    BUT, what I will do, my dear, is add you to my blog roll. Then when you do something fabulous, I'll see it on my sidebar. sound good?

    have a great weekend, and a very Happy Easter!

  6. I love your creativity...going o look for something similar and i LOVE the green look, my color too

  7. Love this table! I think you did a great job and someone will want it in their home.


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