April 22, 2011

Thrift Store Clocks Transformed into Painted Mirrors with Zebra Stripes

Guess I'm on a clock kick because here is another project using old clocks. 

I finished a clock table yesterday, you can see it here
I love oversized things too and have made 
a lot of giant clocks in the past....the bigger the better!

This is one I made that is in my home, it's about 4 feet in diameter with a heavily distressed finish

This is how the mirrors started... three different broken clocks

Cool little metal detail on this one.

I cut the centers out with the jigsaw, painted and added mirrors...that's it!

Guess I'm on a zebra kick too because I painted this 
one with a zebra pattern and I recently painted a zebra table
AND I'm working on a zebra armoire...I know!

I just love this little metal piece on this one

I painted all three with a cream base, gave them a little glaze and black accents.

This one is the same color as the other two, it's looking kind of yellow here though.
I had already hung it at Smith's Antiques and Interiors where I have a booth, and realized I never had an after picture.

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  1. very nice,, zebra stripes look really good. I have a hard time painting those, they never look quite right.


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