April 29, 2011

Hand Painted Turquoise Dog Bed from an End Table with Floral and Dot Painted Fabric Cushion and Whimsical Dog Bones

before and after makeover dog bed from an end table
Another end table transformation into a dog bed...

hand painted black and white striped dog bed
I had made this dog bed recently and it sold pretty quick at my booth
so I decided to make another.

wooden end table turned into a dog bed
I found the perfect little end table for it,...all wood and VERY heavy.
I'm always amazed at the quality of old furniture that you find compared
to the stuff out there today.  
This table is also a little bigger than the last one.

hand painted dog bed with dog bones
I love all the detail on this table, so many little carved sections for me to paint.
The main color is aqua with a brown wash to give it depth.

whimsical painted dog bones shape
Painted polka dot bones since that's probably what doggies dream of...

carved round wooden spindle
I cut down these wood spindles to make the feet for the bed...

furniture feet made from wooden spindle
I love how they turned out.

hand painted dog bed with turquoise and green stripes
I glued and screwed wood balls to the tops of the "legs"

painting on fabric
I hand painted canvas fabric to make a coordinating reversible cushion.
Check out my post on painting on fabric.

hand painted yellow poppy flower bud
I did end up adding gold dots to the flower side of the cushion, they weren't in the previous pic

hand painted dotted fabric with metallic gold
And I painted big gold edged polka dots for the other side... 
in case it's a boy dog and he's not into the flowers.

painted fabric with flowers
Got it all sewn and stuffed and ...wha????? It's too small!
Apparently I didn't take into account that the stuffing is going to make the cushion poofy so it won't be the same dimensions as when it is empty.  
So if you didn't know that either...you're welcome... if you did, wow,  I wish you had told me!

hand painted fabric orange and yellow poppy flowers
I ripped the whole thing apart, added more canvas to make a border around the painted fabric,
then re-sewed  probably 3 more times because I couldn't get the size right. and re-stuffed. 
 It was a perfect fit!

hand painted dog bed from an end table with custom cushion
Dotty side...

hand painted dog bed from an end table with dog bones
Flower side.

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  1. You are my hero ... I love everything you do!

  2. Aw I love this! I totally want to try this out. Love it!!

  3. This is so stinkin cute! I admire your tenacity in getting it right...I would have just tried to get used to the smaller cushion.lol
    But that is maybe why your stuff sell, and mine don't. :)

  4. Again, you inspire me. I am on fire thinking about painting designs on drop cloths. Ingenious!

  5. you did it again,, that is soo cute! Good luck selling this one just as quickly.

  6. Love the beds. The colours are beautiful and I am sure my dogs would love them

  7. Not only are you a gifted artist but you have a crazy *** sense of humour! Your creations are amazing and inspirational.

  8. Not only are you a gifted artist but you have a crazy @@@ sense of humour! Your creations are amazing and inspirational.


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