April 9, 2011

A Free, A Fail, and A Faux, Roadside Mirror Makeover with Aged Rusty Finish and Vintage Look

aged mirror makeover diy

mirror frame makeover diy
This is how it started, it was on the side of the road, so I grabbed it
 Excuse Ace, he was admiring himself as cats do.

mirror makeover
I decided to paint it dark brown....

mirror makeover
It reminded me of Elvis and velvet paintings
so I decided to change it up.

aged mirror frame makeover
I used the jigsaw and cut off random pieces..., 
like they may have been broken off... then randomly sprayed
areas with a rust colored spray paint over the brown finish.

using flour for faux paint finish diy
I used the flour treatment on the frame for a super aged effect.

I sprayed oven cleaner in random areas on the back of the mirror 
to eat away the protective coating and give an aged look to the
mirror as well. 
Then I repainted the frame with layers of color.

diy faux aged mirror
Did you know that it's hard to take a picture of a mirror without yourself in it? 
Well...it is, so ignore the girl in the painted up clothes

faux aged mirror technique
You can't see very well where the mirror is "aged" from the oven cleaner, but it's there!

diy rusted wrought iron finish
Going for the rusted, pitted, wrought iron look,

faux finish aged rust
Using the flour really gives it that realistic aged, look.

diy aged pitted rust look

rust faux finish
I happen to like it now...much more interesting to me.  
What do you think, would you have left it alone?

This one of a kind mirror is sold.
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  1. Lucy the mirror looks great I did kinda the same with old wooden windows.I want to come see our shop someday.TTYL Marc

  2. Amazing Mirror! I love it when things turn out awesome - especially after a 'fail' lol :)

  3. I never would have thought to cut off some of the pieces. It made a huge difference. And I love the painting effect.

  4. Amazing, love the new/old look. It really does look like wrought iron ~ how do you do that?!...

  5. Love the mirror, glad you decided to make changes. Also mosiac box is beautiful

  6. Love the mirror, glad you decided to change it. Mosiac box is beautiful.

  7. I LOVE it! I think you're amazing! Where do you come up with your artistic techniques? Flour and water...oven cleaner....so interesting. You should write a book on your techniques. I'd buy it.

  8. Beautiful! Love how you aged it, and made it look like old rusty iron!

  9. I like the "after" much better, great job. I also love the knobs you added to the mosaic box, last post. It takes it from nice to extraordinary.

  10. I thought I was here before..because I remember the blog name:) Already a friend.

  11. What products and paint colors did you use for this? This look is exactly what I'm going for with a piece but I don't know what to use...

    1. Its been awhile back but I spray painted with either a dark brown or oil rubbed bronze, can't remember which. Then I layered with black, rust and brown craft paints over the flour treatment.


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