April 24, 2011

Whimsical, Girly, Hand Painted Tabletop Vanity Mirror Makeover DIY Before and After

Tabletop Vanity Makeover

Remember this?

And I took it apart....

And made This?

So then I was left with...This!

I removed those headlight looking lights and was left with 2 big holes, 
there was no hiding those holes

I decided to embrace the holes and make more holes
I used this hole cutter bit to do it.  

I have a set of these bits and one of them just happened to be 
the same size as the existing holes...serendipity!

I cut the holes and came up with this.
I added wood pieces to the bottom to stabilize it and some little ball feet

Gave it some paint love...

Painted the insides of the holes in gold..

Little black ball feet on the bottom...

You can see the wavy cut out bottom piece in this pic

I'm picturing this vanity in a young girls room or bathroom,
so I included this message on the back of the mirror

We all need to hear that once in a while right?

Lots of fun details everywhere...

I painted this metal drawer pull in blue because I thought it needed a little more color ha!


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  1. So awesomely cool!!!! I bet you dream in color! My Mom taught me to squint when looking at a project and everything will come into balance, and where it may need more or less, your's was spot on perfect!!!!!

  2. I am flipping my sh.. Seriously. How do you think of these things. I may start taking up some of my college habits again, maybe then I could create like this. wink.

    Absolutely love it. I don't know which side I like better. You are my idol. We are only a week away from our Traveling Door Market. Wish you were here. You would steal all our sales but I wouldn't care. Your pieces would be such a draw plus I could buy a few for myself.

    I am a bit worried about this sale. There are five of us in the group. One of them is in the middle of a life crisis and so she doesn't have much to contribute this time around. That leaves four of us and this is the first time we have expanded the sale to two days. I am trying to make up for Lynnie but I worry that I am sacrificing quality for quantity. We sure could have used you.
    Keep inspiring me. I look for your blog first in my reader to see if there is a new post. You are keeping me motivated.
    Have a good one.


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