May 21, 2011

Coffee Table Before and After

A coffee table I completed for a client recently...
Do you say coffee table or cocktail table? 
I think I say coffee table, although "cocktail" table certainly has its appeal. 
I don't know why I would call it "coffee" table because heaven knows 
I'm slurping my coffee down way too fast to have time to set it on my coffee table.

The inspiration...the homeowner's black cabinet with distressed finish...isn't it a cool piece?

I started by sanding very well and applying a base coat of light brown in random areas and let dry completely.

Then I applied wax over the painted brown areas.  I just use a block of paraffin but you can use a candle if that's all you have.  I go into a little more detail on the wax process HERE on the shipping crate bench.

I should mention this is the same house where I recently had a minor crisis completed some other painted pieces using gel stain and I forgot gloves which is why my hands look like that.
In real life, the wax step is not messy.

Next step...paint it out in black. 

My fave new black is "Beluga" by Behr.  
Not too black...if there is such a thing...and no gray undertone.

After it's completely dry, use an old credit card or plastic scraper to lightly scrape over the waxed areas.  
The top coat will lift off on areas where you applied wax.  This is just a different way to get a distressed look instead of either A.) sanding, or B.) dry brushing a color on top. 
It gives more of a "chippy" look that you just can't get from the other two methods.

I think it looks great in the room with all of her other black pieces!

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  1. Hard to keep up with comments, you are so busy with everything. LOL The coffee table is very pretty. I like how you do the distressed look. Mom

  2. Amazed again. I have never tried this distressing thing or used a wax but I am thinking it gives a worn homey look that could be just the thing for fall pieces in our November show. A great tutorial. You are my idol. :0

  3. Oh and I like to think cocktail table. LOVE my coffee. Need my coffee but cocktails just sound fun. Hehe
    Just forgot to mention that earlier


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