Gel Stain over White Furniture

The After...

This king bed and two nightstands started out white and I was hired to 
repaint them for a young families second home here at the beach.

They were going to be out of town for a bit so it was the perfect time
to complete the project.

The owners want the bed and nightstands to have the same 
wood tone as this little desk that is also in the room....cute huh?

I started by sanding and base coating with a warm, nutmeg brown color 
and let dry overnight.

I used the colors in the desk undertones as my guideline to choose this warm, 
honey brown color from the paint swatches at Home Depot.
I chose paint that has primer built in and had Home Depot mix up a quart
of interior satin for this base coat.

The next day I rolled on General Finishes brand gel stain in Java. 
This is fun stuff, it's thick like pudding and super easy to use.

You can go to the General Finishes Where to Buy page to see if it is available in your area.
I had to order mine online.

After rolling on you immediately wipe off.
I used soft cotton t-shirt material.

Oh, and I forgot to bring gloves with me and the location was
about 30 minutes from my home or a store that would have
gloves so... I guess I'll have stained fingernails for a few days.

Wear gloves!

I worked in sections on the bed and nightstands...

I ended up with this wood grain-ish looking it!

The gel stain application is really simple and it went quickly. 

I will let dry 24 hours then seal with Minwax Polycrylic in satin finish.

I came back the next day and it wasn't completely dry so I decided to 
give it another day. This was a little odd for it to take so long to dry,
but I knew it would dry eventually and I had plenty of time
before the owners returned.

It's looks really good though!

I went back the next day after giving it more time and it was dry enough to 
apply the polycrylic coat using a foam brush.
General Finishes does offer a wipe on topcoat 
but I have not used it so I can't offer any advice on how it would work.

I have used Minwax Polycrylic for years as a topcoat on all kinds of 
finishes. I'm comfortable with using it so that's what I went with.

My only caution when using this, or any topcoat, especially if it if over
a dark finish like this color of stain, is to be careful of letting it puddle
or apply to thickly because it can leave a milky look, even when dry.

You also have to be a little careful of leaving 
"bubbles" when brushing on with foam brush. If you see bubbles, just quickly
brush over again with the foam brush to remove them and take your time.

I let the first coat of poly dry and applied a second coat and
it dried beautifully and smooth as silk.

I let the polycrylic dry overnight and went back to reassemble everything
 and put the room back together and it looked fantastic.

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