Dog Bed from an End Table - Blue Floral "Sit"

"Sit" Dog Bed

I started with these...Free on Craigslist

I had these letters that spelled "Bistro"
The only doggie related word I could think of using those letters was "Sit", 
so that's what I went with...

I mounted the letters on a painted wood board and screwed into the legs to attach it.

I painted this one with bright colors and whimsical flowers...

....and threw in dot and check action.
This aqua blue with the berry color is one of my fave color combo's, love it

Made a cushion trimmed with ball fringe..

....I'm going to put a "warning" 
of some sort on the tag when I sell this bed because of the fringe. 
If the owner is concerned at all about the dog eating the balls 
on the fringe then they may need to use a different cushion.

Of course this revelation came AFTER I had already made the
 cushion with the  possible choking hazard  adorable ball fringe

I painted a paw print on the cushion...
I just use regular acrylic paint... because you know how when you get paint on your clothes and it doesn't come out?  ( I have plenty of clothes to prove that) ... Yeah, this paint isn't going anywhere




See another version of this bed Here

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  1. I wish I was a dog, lol, Those are so beautiful and creative. Anyone should want one for their pet. Love you. Mom

  2. Lucy! These are fantastic! I was at a garage sale this weekend and some lady tried to make one of these. I was like "What! This is nothing like Lucy's! Who's this chic think she is! LOL!" Your pet beds are so funky & fun. I really am going to have to try one. I just cant bring myself to flip the table over :D

  3. You are a genius! I seriously love these! I'm gonna try to make one myself....although it will never be as cute as yours! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I went back and looked at your other two tables and every one I looked at I was sure THAT one was my favorite. How have you not been discovered. I'm glad you don't live closer. I would be broke and I don't even have a dog! Thanks for linking. You know I love love love your art.

  5. Heyyyy!!! I LOVE your doggy beds. I have a westie and I spoil her sooo much!!! I want one and was wondering if I could order one???? Email me at

  6. I made one for my dog and she loves it...thank you

  7. I am doing this for a 4-H project this year. Thank You so Much for the idea. If I lived closer I probably would have bought one!!! They are so cute! Thanks although mine wing come close to looking as cute as yours.
    Lexi, 13

  8. Love love love this!! Going to try to make one for my Chihuahua/Beagle mix, Tyler:) Thanks!!


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