Hand Painted Dog Bed from an End Table "SIT" with Flowers, Checks and Hand Painted Paw print cushion

"Sit" Dog Bed

I started with these...Free on Craigslist

I had these letters that spelled "Bistro"
The only doggie related word I could think of using those letters was "Sit", 
so that's what I went with...

I mounted the letters on a painted wood board and screwed into the legs to attach it.

I painted this one with bright colors and whimsical flowers...

....and threw in dot and check action.
This aqua blue with the berry color is one of my fave color combo's, love it

Made a cushion trimmed with ball fringe..

This bed will come with a "caution" tag when I sell it because of the fringe. 
If the owner is concerned at all about the dog eating the balls 
on the fringe then they may need to use a different cushion. :)

Of course, when I was making it, all I was thinking was, "adorable ball fringe" 
and later realized it may not be the best idea if you have doggies that
have a tendency to chew things!

I painted a paw print on the cushion...
I use regular acrylic paint when painting on fabric.



I also made this dog bed with dog bones instead of flowers for another order.

Thanks for checking out my dog bed!
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