June 5, 2011

10 Chairs

I was hired to repaint 10 dining room chairs.
This is how they started, they are wood with a raised leaf design

She had this lamp base that she asked me to use for reference but not using quite as much red

It was so hard to capture this finish in a photo but they are pretty close 

I used a brown base, black wash over that and highlighted with gold

Proof of my black glaze use...Man, I can be messy...but usually only when I'm in a painting frenzy

I'll be painting the table base that goes with the chairs next week. 
It is concrete, HUGE and weighs a ton...yep, I will be painting that on site

The "after". 
I'll deliver them to be upholstered in the client's new fabric tomorrow

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  1. They look amazing, as usual!!!

  2. Agree with Shirley. You are fantastic

  3. Lucy...I like the color of your hand!!
    Michael (Blue Velvet Chair)


I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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