DIY Use Gel Stain to Update Orange Oak Master Bath Cabinets...Part 1

gel stain cabinet makeover
Welcome to my bathroom.
These orangey, oaky, builder grade cabinets have been here since
I bought the house and I can't take looking at them anymore.

gel stain cabinet makeover
They have the same boring, white ceramic knobs that have been here since day one.
I've also lived without a knob on one of the drawers for, I don't know how long.

 I've decided to use gel stain on these cabinets and change them up a bit.
I've used gel stain over white furniture before and it's fun to work with.

A quick tour of the area...

gel stain cabinet before photos
I do love my rug and the pic doesn't do it justice,
nor do the orange looking cabinets.
I like warm tones and rich colors

wavy mosaic mirror frame
About a year ago I took down the huge mirror over the sinks. 
 I don't have a before photo but it was a standard wall to wall mirror.

I found two arch shaped mirrors at a yard sale, made frames for them
and applied a mirror mosaic to the edges.
I still like them pretty much so they will be staying for now.

spray painted metal swing arm mirror
I used Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on this little swing arm mirror
that used to be shiny silver.

spray painted light fixture
I used more of the ORB spray paint on the light fixture, it was a bright brass color before.
I didn't take it down to paint but taped it off and spray painted it right there in the bathroom.

modified shelf on counter
I made this little shelf from another shelf that I cut down to fit in the space
on my counter top to have a spot for things I use daily.

painted vanity table
Across from the sinks is my vanity table and vintage makeup mirror
I don't have a before photo but it started as a plain table and
I added a drawer to it for storage and to make it taller. 

scroll look painted vanity table top
I painted the top and added a piece of glass for protection.
I'm thinking i might repaint this piece too...we'll see.

bathroom before photos
This heads into the bathtub/commode area...I'm going to repaint the walls too. 
Shower curtain is okay, it'll do until I see something I can't live without. 

hand painted cabinets from stock kitchen cabinets
There was no storage in here when I moved in so I made these cabinets
from small stock kitchen cabinets I bought at Home Depot.
I painted them, added little bun feet and added tops to them.

They've had this same paint finish since I first made them.
I still love the diamond/harlequin pattern, but the Charlie Brown palm trees have to go.

update and makeover on orangey oak cabinets
Stay tuned for the "after" and thanks for stopping by!

Update, the gel stain cabinet makeover is done :)

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Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. My bath cabinets are worse than yours. Cant wait to see what you do, i know it'll look great. I love the little cabinets with charlie brown palm tree,, any chance you have a tutorial of how you made those? Or was it in prebloggin time? ha ha.

  2. The bathroom cabinets are looking great. The dark color adds drama to the scenery.

  3. I love what you did to your kitchen it looks gorgeous.

  4. It looks great, thank you for sharing this idea.

  5. Bathroom fixtures such as those cabinets make your bathroom look unique. I find it a great idea to add one.

  6. I couldn't agree more. Those are very good looking cabinets. Maybe you can use a very good adhesive to fix the broken knob.

  7. This is always a problem for cabinet knobs. This is also the reason why it is advisable to drill a hole instead of just using adhesives. If you drill a small hole, then you can use screws inside the cabinet to fix the knobs.


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