June 28, 2011

Painted Shelf

A little shelf re-do to go over my newly painted vanity... 
which is in the bathroom... where I just made over the cabinets with gel stain... 

Plain wooden shelf....it's HEAVY!

Sprayed with rust colored primer then applied several different colors... 
wines, rusts, burgundy and some black thrown in...applied randomly

Smoosh and dab the paint while still wet...

I decided to make the knobs kind of turquoise-ish,
 along the lines of the Vanity finish...so I applied light aqua...

Dabbed on a little darker aqua color with my finger..

When dry, brushed on olive colored glaze and sponged off.

This is how they turned out...I also coated them with a high gloss clear sealer

I added a black glaze over the shelf part too...

It's hanging over this vanity table I just repainted....

Then I saw these tiles I have and propped them up there...
not sure if I'll apply them permanently or not, can't decide...

Since I'm in makeover mode I gave my vintage makeup mirror a little love too.
I really like this mirror...it is BIG!...found it years ago. 

When I bought it, it had regular incandescent bulbs...
Six..., Big..., Heat Producing bulbs.

Since sweating and getting a sun lamp burn 
while trying to put on makeup is never a good thing, 
I ordered fluorescent vanity bulbs from an online specialty lighting store. 

I just replaced the mirror too since the vintage one that has been 
in it had kind of a "soft focus" look to it...
Here I was thinking it was just my eyesight. 
I brushed on a little gold paint over the existing finish on the frame as well to freshen it up.

Now I have a place to hang my hats...

...and my tassel I made

I made this long ago and used a bunch of different ribbons and trim...
you can see more tassels I've made in the past Here

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  1. I really like your shelf makeover. Using the verdigris for the knobs was a good idea. <3 the wild animal tassel! I just stopped over to check on your navbar ;).

  2. Your bathroom makeover projects are looking good,, LOVE all the colors you have going on.

  3. What a change up! You took a white painted shelf and made it look like natural wood! Most people these days seem to do the exact opposite, according to what I see on blogs. I wish they wouldn't! It hurts me to see beautiful walnut or mahogany destroyed by paint!


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