June 8, 2011

Painted Table Base

A Table Base I just finished for a client...
it goes with the 10 Chairs that I recently completed

Started with this verdigris finish...

Cleaned, sanded and applied a reddish brown base paint...

Brushed on black paint thinned with water and wiped off the excess so the black was left in the crevices. I also lightly pounced on rust colored paint in areas...can't really see that in this pic though.... I took it with my phone

Finished by dry brushing with gold paint

It has a glass top that goes on it...obviously haha

To refresh your memory, here's a pic of the chairs from 10 Chairs that I painted to go with the table

....And the lamp base that was the owner's inspiration piece

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  1. Lucy that looks great! That is something I would never think to do. Great work!

  2. That table base is awesome, and the chairs will look great with it.
    p.s. My hands look exactly like that when I'm done with a painting project also. It is always evident what color paint I was using when I finish up.


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