June 17, 2011

Vanity Table Makeover

I'm giving my bathroom a little makeover.
You can take a tour and see how it started HERE 
and read about my gel stained cabinet makeover HERE
This is stage 2 of the makeover...my vanity table...

I don't have a before "before" pic of how this started.  It has been like this for years.
It originally started as a small plain table that fit perfectly in my bathroom space.

I built and added a top piece to raise the height and added a drawer for storage...

Started by painting the base in a reddish brown and primed the top...

Added black glaze over the brown base and a couple of shades of aqua on the top...

Repainted an edge around the aqua with the brown paint...

Added an olive colored glaze over the aqua...

I brushed it on and dabbed off with soft cloth...

Lightly drew on a design with white chalk to get the placement down.  
I started with the center design and just kind of made it up as I went...

Started painting with various shades of rusty reds and wine colors...

Dry brushed gold over the base...

And that's it!

This is the rug that was the inspiration for my colors

I'm using this little stand I got at a yard sale for the stool.
I sprayed it bronze and dry brushed with gold

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  1. YES!!! Very exciting stuff, table is adorable. The before looked great but do love the re-do...

  2. Love the table. Is the red as vibrant as in the first pics of it? Love your mirrors over your sinks too :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my cedar chest today. I came over here to say thanks and voila! there are posts I have missed. I am obsessed over this piece. Love those colors! The design is a bit different for you but I really like it. Kind of an ethnic damask/tole/modern mix. I can't imagine where it wouldn't fit in.

  4. beautiful. your very talented love the painted top

  5. You are the absolute best!!

  6. soo nice!! I was wondering do you have any posts that are detailed on how you do your antiquing/painting techniques? I love how this came out.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it!.
      Most of my painting tips on how "I" do it are sprinkled throughout the blog. Here are a few posts that might be helpful. One is my block painting technique for the layered paint look and two other general distressed look ideas :)



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