June 10, 2011

Verdigris Sailfish

Verdigris:  a green or bluish deposit especially of copper 
carbonates formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces. 

This is a sculpture of my sister's and the finish had worn off so she spray painted it
....blue and silver
She asked if I would give it a verdigris finish...

I started by priming with rust colored primer. 
 I almost forgot to take a pic before I went to the next step which is to spray with green...explains the rust AND green in this pic

Lightly sprayed with a dusty green...

I left some of the rust color showing when spraying. 
The rust will give the look of weathered copper underneath all of the other colors...

Then I just start layering color, using very wet paint. 
 I started with black then went to a dark green/black mixed and finally to varying shades of this turquoise color...

After applying wet paint, I dab off with soft cloth as I go. 
I think the key to any faux finish is using layers and layers of color and just playing with it as you go....

I let it drip down when applying the paint just like the finish would be if it were a copper piece getting rained on and out in the weather...

I finished with a clear satin finish spray

It's big...about 4 feet tall...

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  1. Wow, Lucy that is beautiful. I know Sharon will love it.

  2. LOL, yeah tell Sharon, it didn't look TOO bad! (yours is much better) :-)

  3. What kind of "really wet paint" did you use? Did this hold out to outdoor elements?

  4. What kind of "really wet paint" did you use? Did it hold up to the elements outdoors?

  5. I used a watered down latex paint. It has held up very well but it in a somewhat covered patio area so not directly exposed to the elements


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