Giant Wooden Recycled Elements and Picture Frame Molding Butterfly Art, Green Art, Repurposed and Upcycled

green butterfly art repurposed recycled mixed media
Just finished this giant butterfly using picture frame molding and other pieces and parts

This butterfly was featured on
see it here.

mixed media butterfly assemblage
It was one of those things that was in my head and had to get out, 
I figured, the bigger, the better.

I started with lots of picture frame molding pieces and a beautiful carved post.

I had a lot of this molding and have used it to make 
and have used it on furniture makeovers .

huge butterfly art
I cut wing shapes out of wood and started applying the molding using wood glue and screws

giant butterfly assemblage art
This just shows the base coats ..
I used spray paint in rust, brown and black

4 foot butterfly art
 I dry brushed different metallics over the base coat

spindles keys and hinges on recycled butterfly art
Used a lot of pieces and parts...


hinges and keys on butterfly art
Giant hinges, keys, washers and unknown metal doo-dads...

scroll work butterfly antenna
...a wrought iron metal scroll piece for the antenna...

butterfly mixed media art
I used two vintage metal casters for the eyes...

old keys on butterfly art
More keys....

giant butterfly art with decorative molding
I love the body on him.

wooden finial on butterfly
I added a finial at the bottom to finish it off

metal strapping on butterfly
I added copper plumbing strap around the edges.

I love using both the copper and regular metal strapping for 
different projects.

I've used it on the front of a retail counter of a bakery we used to own
as well as another Huge vintage look butterfly and on the 
wings of my table leg dragonflies. It's a lot of fun to work with.

recycled repurposed oversized butterfly art
I hung him on my fence just to photograph but it is not intended for
outdoor use.

giant recycled butterfly art
It's big...about 4 feet across and it weighs about 30 pounds,

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Thanks so much for checking out my recycled butterfly

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