July 1, 2011

Dragonflies - Layered Paint, Metal Wings and Wire Wings

Click any photo twice for a closer look
I think a have one table leg dragonfly left from the last batch, 
the rest have all sold, so I thought I would make more.  
You can see the last group HERE 

I used the same process but did different types of wings this time...

Corrugated metal wings...

I only had enough of this for one dragonfly...

I found these squiggly metal strap at Restore...

I made wire frames for the wings and bent the straps around the frame in a zig zag pattern...

....And did another with more of a striped look.

This one has all wire wings.

Again... made a wire frame and wrapped different wires around that...

For these two, I used the last of my ceiling fan blades from the last set of dragonflies...

Those ceiling fan blades came in handy...
I also used them on this dog bed from an end table 

I cut the fan blades into more of a wing shape with the jig saw...

I made these look super distressed using paint and a block of wood....

You take a scrap of wood....

dunk it in some paint...

...and "paint" your surface with it.  
It goes on unevenly giving you a nice worn, chippy paint look.

You just layer....

and layer...

...and layer the paint,
 using whatever colors you like
The best part about this technique is you can't mess it up, you just "block" it on...
The hardest part is waiting for each layer to dry before
 you "block" on another color or you'll have a blended mess.

I made 3 beachy looking ones with wood wings...

I use screws to attach the wings to the backs of the bodies...

I used lots of different things for the eyes too... 
mostly stuff I had on hand... just pieces and parts

More rusty metal eyes

and more random metal pieces for eyes... 

These eyes are beads from a necklace.
The antennae are more of those awesomely awesome squiggle metal straps

I had enough copper plumbing strap for a pair of antennae...

For the rest, I used wire...I made them really oversized this time...Love!

Most of these are REALLY big...some almost 4 feet tall, including the antenna,
all waiting to go to my shop where I sell my pieces.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OMGosh these are so darling! What a great idea. And fan blades for the wings, genius!


  2. They look great against the fence! I also like the look of the layered paint. Great idea! :)

  3. Oh my gosh... the most incredible garden art I've ever laid eyes on! LOVE these! And boy are those colors and the way you paint them wild! This was fun!

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 88. :)



  4. I loved these last time you posted them...but I LOVE them even more now!!! I've got to make these. And thank you for sharing your blocking technique - that's a great tip!

  5. Amazing! I love them and think it's so awesome all of the fun materials that went into each one. I want some.

  6. These are awesome!!! Just think how many mosquitos they could eat if they were real!!! Fabulous job!! :)

  7. Lucy, your last dragon flies were fantastic, but I think you "outdid" yourself with these. LOve, Love, Love them. Love you too. Mom

  8. Hi, I found you vis FJI. Loved the dragon flies. I see you sell them over at Smiths. I've just been there once. I'll have to stop in again. I live just over the bridge in Niceville! :)

  9. oh wow,, these look great. I cant wait to try out that block painting technique on a half finished dragonfly that has been patiently waiting long enough.

  10. You are awesome Lucy. So creative and what a lot of energy. I wish I could paint and use power tools with the confident you do :)

  11. Lucy...I could stare at them all day! Featured over at Blue Velvet Chair: http://bluevelvetchair.blogspot.com/2011/07/dreaming-of-lucys-dragonflies.html


  12. wow! those are just fabulous! i have a butterfly someone else made that i bought in similar style and i have it hanging on my own fence and just love it! yours are a little funkier and i think i love them more! :)

  13. Those are gorgeous! What a clever idea. :) Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment!

  14. I love your dragonflies. These are just as good as the last ones!
    catching you this week,

  15. Shut the front door! Now I want a garden full of dragonflies! LOVE them :)

  16. Thanks for the great ideas! I've had one table leg aroud for so long, new it should be good for something. Now I know what!

  17. I'm totally in LoVe! I live on the Outer Banks of NC and I can ToTaLLy see these being a huge hit here. I might have to make a few of these and see if I can't get a nibble at my craft show in April.

  18. Very creative! I might have to try this. Your art makes me smile!

  19. So Creative!!!! Wonderful work! Love your explanation on how to use the block of wood to achieve such cool results!

  20. We are masonry contractors and the squiggly metal pieces you used for wings look like old style brick ties used in masonry. he finds them when he has tp demo old brick. They look great!

  21. Thanks all, I really appreciate it!
    DebraL, yes! I found out later what they are and they are the brick ties

  22. Just amazing!!!!! I need to make one or 10 of these. I have a weekly dyi linky party called TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBIT... I'd love you and your amazing dragonflies to join us. Link goes live every Wednesday evening at 8:00! SO BRILLIANT!
    Now off to see where to follow you!

  23. Absolutely wonderful dragonflies!

  24. I'm so excited... I told my adult son that if he found any fan blades and table legs I wanted them to make a dragonfly. Yesterday he showed up with the fan blades .... I'm going to be painting them this weekend while he's out looking for junk tables. This project is awesome.

  25. These are so cute! What a great idea to add some fun to the garden area :) Now I know what to do with all of those spindles and table legs I keep seeing at the Restore! Pinned!!

  26. Lucy,
    Be still my heart you have a new Fan. I am dragonfly believer naming my lake home and blog after them. I will definitely be looking for some inspiration from your blog. My niece from Texas found you and sent me your pins on Pinterest.
    I will share pictures when I accomplish my vision dragonflies with your inspiration.
    Have a creative day,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

  27. Lucy, these are amazing! How do you hang them?

  28. These are FANtastic, and what a great wood block painting technique, too!


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