July 17, 2011

Painted Metal Trays & Bowl

Fun hand painted metal trays and giant bowl I recently completed

I found them like this, although the top piece looked j
ust like the bottom two before I started sanding it and almost forgot to take a pic. 

I'm assuming it is a beverage server where you put drinks 
and ice in the top bowl and condensation collects in the bottom trays

I went with big yellow dots and fish for the bowl....


Outside with stripes....Imperfect...see explanation below...

I was going for a Mackenzie-Childs-esque look.
I love their stuff...who doesn't, right?

And if you've ever looked closely, 
their black and white checks are not really black and white...
they have traces of other colors in them...which I LOVE, so I did the same with my checks

You can also see by this pic that I'm not perfect when painting 
my squares and stripes but when looking at the piece overall,
 the effect is symmetrical and that's what I'm after... 

Plus, imperfection adds character and I'm not a taping, drawing, measuring kind of girl.
Ok... maybe on RARE occasions I will break out the ruler or tape ;)

Here is the bigger tray with diamonds...
I talk a little about how I paint my diamonds HERE....
no measuring or drawing out involved

Painted and signed all the bottoms.
Do you sign your work? You should!

I decided to sell these without the metal stand that they came with
 and just as serving or display pieces instead.

Now that they are painted, I wouldn't recommend them being exposed
 to water for long periods of time which is what would happen as a beverage stand.

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog via
    addicted2decorating.com. I live in Navarre and must stop by Smith's sometime.

  2. too fun! it's not often I get to interact with other bloggers that are actually in the same area! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. very nice..the colors are so bright & lovely..thanks for sharing sweet friend :)


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