July 20, 2011

Stacked Suitcase Table Coastal Theme, Repurposed Storage Table Set

Hand Painted Stacked Suitcase Table

hand painted suitcases
This project actually started with two vintage suitcases that I previously 
painted along with a wooden box that one of my sisters gave me.

I'm a big fan of repainting things when I want to change things up!

recycled suitcase table ideas
Here they are all primed and I added feet cut from decorative wooden spindles.

recycled suitcase idea
I screwed the legs in from the inside of the bottom suitcase

hand painted coral
I painted a mottled background with watery stripes....

hand painted seahorse table
....added a seahorse

hand painted coastal table set from suitcases

hand painted sea life suitcase table
...and Coral

suitcase storage table
I stacked them together when painting to create a single image.

suitcase storage table
They aren't attached together, just stacked and great for storage.
I finished off the tops of the suitcases by connecting the stripes...

hand painted suitcase table
...it created a plaid-like pattern

hand painted suitcase table
Right Side...

hand painted coral and kelp
...Left Side

painted suitcase storage table
...Back view

spray painted drawer pulls
I spray painted a brass colored pull I had to match the coral.
 and attached to the wooden box on top.
I adore red and aqua color combos...

wooden spindles as furniture legs
I gave the legs the same mottled colors in the coral color as well...

hand painted red coral design on aqua

stacked suitcase table

keepsake storage using vintage suitcases
Mine aren't painted but I use 3 vintage suitcases to store
my two boys childhood mementos. We don't have an attic so these are in the 
closet under the stairs and look nicer than cardboard boxes. 
The top one is a textured crocodile pattern, the middle, a vintage Amelia Earhart yellow
suitcase and on the bottom, a very deep vintage Starline suitcase... love them all!

stacked suitcase table
This piece is sold. 
Thanks for reading about my suitcase makeover idea!

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  1. I bought an old suit case a while back and didn't know what to do with it! Such a cool idea. I'll probable just do the stripes.

  2. Hi, Lucy -- ya know Im not really a fan of a lot of color but this is so cute.. great job. I wish I could paint like that. I love the whole stacked/storage concept though,, gotta keep that in mind for some storage space around my house.
    Have a good day

  3. You are so creative! I would have never thought of doing that with old suitcases. But it's a brilliant idea!

  4. So cool. Where do you find all of this stuff. I need a sister. :) I was so glad you didn't attach them all together. Then again, I should have known you wouldn't. I was all in even when they were all white but then you added the Lucy Love and I was grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the link up. I love that Lucy style. It makes BeColorful so legit. :)

  5. Wow these are absolutely adorable.. love what you've done with them..!
    Excellent idea..thanks for sharing..
    Ziba Anne

  6. Hello Girl, this is another super cute creation, you are totally smart !!
    Keep rocking with awesome stuff..
    Love ~


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