August 30, 2011

ETC Picture Molding Letters

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Here is a quick little project using Picture Frame Molding.

If you've read my blog before, you may remember some of the other projects I've done using this molding.
If not, here are other letters and art pieces I've made with it...

I cut the pieces with the miter saw, then glued and screwed together to form the letters....

Spray painted silver....

Dry brushed with white paint...

Brushed on watered down black paint, then wiped off...

Here's how they turned out....
I didn't really have an exact plan for the finish
 but maybe they look a little like zinc?

Oh, and I was trying to use Picasa to edit out the cord that is there in real life and...there you go...
that's why my mantel is looking kind of blurry!

Close up of the finish...

Of course you need to choose letters that are easily made into a letter shape with the molding

I love mixing all these cool moldings together...

I will add hooks but they are freestanding too and about 10" tall

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August 16, 2011

Hand Painted Shell Pillow, DIY Pillow Makeover, Painting on Fabric

painted shell pillow
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Here's a quick little makeover on a plain pillow

diy painted pillow makeover
Started with a plain pillow...

diy painted pillow

shell pillow
Decided to put a shell on it, so I grabbed a shell I had....
When I paint something like this, I have to look at something for reference...
I don't just know all the details on a shell

how to paint a design on a pillow
Here's my interpretation of that beautiful shell...

how to paint a pillow
I figured I would be putting dots on there somewhere too 
but had envisioned them at the intersecting diamond points...
But...I had a couple of paint spatters and needed to cover them up 
so I went with the good ol' random dot look

how to paint on fabric
I ended up outlining the diamonds too...I was using a metallic taupe color

hand painted fabric pillow
The back...that paint looks black 
but it's dark brown like I used on the front

hand painted pillow

hand painted shell pillow
So...there we go, one handpainted shell pillow...

hand painted seashell pillow
the back...

painted shell inspiration
My beautiful just can't make this stuff up...that's one gorgeous creation 

shell pillow diy

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August 15, 2011

Wood Beaded Table

I recently finished this little table...

This is how it started....

I had a bunch of these wooden macrame beads and decided to use them on the underside edge...

I attached them with wood glue, washers and screws...
the washers look a little uneven here...I did have to straighten those up

Painted it out in white and dry brushed with a little gray too

Lots of distressing all over...

I used the gray to brush on stripes on the top as well...

...curvy lines...

I'll be taking this to my space at Smiths Antiques and Interiors here in Miramar Beach :)

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August 14, 2011

Dog Bed from an End Table - Leopard Print

Just finished another dog bed, made from an end table
You can see the others I've made HEREHERE, and HERE

I started with this...

Cut the legs down, added pieces and parts and came up with this...

...then started painting!
I started with a light caramel color base coat and added 
a little darker glaze on top of that before I painted the leopard spots.... process

added wooden finials for the feet...

Painted the back too...

More finials on the leg posts and lots of animal print, dots and stripes...

The headboard piece was the seat from a wooden barstool
I painted a big paw print on that...

I found a cushion to fit with animal print on one side and plain black on the other...

I painted gold dots on the black side...
I talk more about how I paint on fabric on THIS POST

And of course I painted the inside too...
Can't be having naked areas...this is not that kind of site

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August 11, 2011

Desk Organizer from a Breadbox DIY Makeover with Black and White Stripes and a Clock Face!

desk organization French country
I just finished this fun little desk organizer using a wooden breadbox 
as my starting point. This is the second one I've made, check out the
vintage white desk organizer I made previously.

wood breadbox vintage
This is how it Mom gave it to me...thanks Mom!

desk organizer from a breadbox
I looked around my bins of goodies and came up with a plan.

desk organizer diy
I removed the lid, added brackets for the dividers and used a wooden placemat 
for the backboard piece. These are the same placemats I used to paint 
Pet Portrait for my Mom and Dad :)

large wood macrame beads
I used wood macrame beads for the feet....

vintage metal drawer pull
I used two of the back plate metal pieces from a couple of drawer pulls 
to place on either side of the organizer. In this photo I had already scuffed 
up the back plate with sandpaper and then remembered to take a pic...
which is why it looks like they aren't even from the same drawer pull.

decorative metal piece from vintage drawer pull
They started as shiny brass and after scuffing with sandpaper, I left the
finish as is. I thought they added a nice bit of interest on the sides.

black desk organizer diy
I painted it all in black but did a little distressing here and there...

striped organizer
I painted the placemat with black and white stripes and heavily distressed it
then added an old clock face on the front.

striped desktop organizer
This piece is sold.
Thanks for reading about my breadbox makeover!

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