August 16, 2011

Hand Painted Shell Pillow, DIY Pillow Makeover, Painting on Fabric

painted shell pillow
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Here's a quick little makeover on a plain pillow

diy painted pillow makeover
Started with a plain pillow...

diy painted pillow

shell pillow
Decided to put a shell on it, so I grabbed a shell I had....
When I paint something like this, I have to look at something for reference...
I don't just know all the details on a shell

how to paint a design on a pillow
Here's my interpretation of that beautiful shell...

how to paint a pillow
I figured I would be putting dots on there somewhere too 
but had envisioned them at the intersecting diamond points...
But...I had a couple of paint spatters and needed to cover them up 
so I went with the good ol' random dot look

how to paint on fabric
I ended up outlining the diamonds too...I was using a metallic taupe color

hand painted fabric pillow
The back...that paint looks black 
but it's dark brown like I used on the front

hand painted pillow

hand painted shell pillow
So...there we go, one handpainted shell pillow...

hand painted seashell pillow
the back...

painted shell inspiration
My beautiful just can't make this stuff up...that's one gorgeous creation 

shell pillow diy

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are one talented and creative lady! That pillow is amazing and must have taken a world of patience.

    Thanks for your nice comment. I say paint your cabinets! It's ton of work, but so worth it in the end. Really.


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